15 clever and elegant Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

by Kremy

 Small christmas tree decoration entry

You are not a vast property owner and the coming holidays do not fill your soul with Christmas spirit? Looking at your tiny kitchen or living room depresses you more than ever because you think there is no way to make a tiny space classy and elegant? Well, we have some Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces for you and your holiday spirit.

Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces are fun

Window decoration candle and miniarure trees


Look at the space you have available and we shall transform it with you. There are a few very simple rules you need to keep in mind and you will be surprised by the final result. Let’s be honest, miniatures are so cute and this is what we are going to do today with all these Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces – we are going to create miniature pieces of artistic inspiration. What you must start with is getting rid of the clutter and make some space for Christmas magic. Get yourself a mini Christmas tree, and a few aroma candles, a few twigs of fir and some shining ornaments. A few cones will not be out of place either and Christmas decorations with natural materials are usually very easy DIY projects.

Creating your visions of Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

Christmas- decorating- ideas- for-small- spaces-ornaments-from-upper-lighting

Put your miniature Christmas tree in a decorated bucket and heap it with string lights, write some merry holiday notes and pin them on a rope. Decorate your window in a lavish way, hang cones on silk ribbons from the chandelier and use the mirror in the corridor. When you hang some shiny balls on the mirror you will welcome the holidays, your guests, your family in the best possible way. Use the most of every piece of furniture you possess – decorate your chairs, the coat hook, use your walls and place some holiday wreaths. Let your imagination flow and envision your Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces. Then you can say – Let the magic begin!

beautiful miniature tree and wrapped presents

 A magnificent wreath of coloured ornaments

Christmas ideas for small spaces a wreath of colour ornaments


 Garlands and small figures are a great idea

 decorating ideas for small spaces cupboards in garlands

 Decorate the dining chairs 

Christmas ideas for small spaces dining chairs cones

A small Christmas tree and a window wreath accent in the corner

 decorating ideas for small spaces miniature tree

A wreath in traditional colours  for the shelves

Christmas ideas for small spaces a wreath

Christmas ornaments on a ribbon hung on a frame

 decorating ideas frame

 In idea in blue and white

Christmas bare branches blue and ornaments

 Add some colour to welcome the holidays

 decoration entry pillows accent

 A garland, ornaments and cards transform the appearance of the door

 decoration of doors with garland

 Use the table space

 decoration table space transformed

 A side table transformation

Interior side table light with christmas ornaments

 Kitchen widow decoration


miniature decoration small ornaments



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