Colorful Bushes for Front Yard: Create Joy and Mood with Fine Blooms for Everyone Entering Your Home!

by Snezhana Besarabova

When a family is building or buying a house, they always think about the beautiful view of their front yard, asking themselves: “What is the best bush for entryway?” The truth is that when you want a fine yard, you should plant a combination of various ornamental bushes. Colorful shrubs growing in the front yard will give it privacy. Using suitable plants, you can delimit the garage or a side entrance. And, when you choose your colorful bushes for front yard, think also how they match the house design and landscaping. On this page, you’ll see and read about some of the best possibilities for bushes in lively tones, creating mood and joy not only for you, but for every visitor of your house.

Choose the best colorful bushes for front of house

the best colorful bushes for front yard of house rose rhododendron

With the eye-catching shrubs full of colors on the entrance of your hours, you’ll make a pleasant impression. If you want to have colorful flowers from spring throughout the summer, choose some foundation plants with a prolonged blooming season. You can take also deciduous shrubs that display a wealth of flowers in summer and then ripe in nice looking berries with winter foliage.

Scent and enchantment with rose shrubs

the best colorful bushes for front yard scent and enchantment with rose shrubs


Rose is one of the preferred flowering front yard bushes ideas. It’s a wonderful foundation plant, growing to a few meters height and blooms in pink, red, white and yellow. There are a range of varieties of this rich in romantic fragrance flower, and all of them are used for landscaping shrubs. You may either choose to create a garden with rose hedges or grow them in containers.

If you do not prefer tall varieties, but the smart shorter ones, quite loved variants are the English shrub roses and tea roses. Their advantage is the reblooming, as they start to flower in spring and continue to fall off the leaves. Rose, this queen of flowers, need a full sun exposure, and therefore is suitable for well-lit spaces in the garden. Roses develop well in well-drained soil, rich in organic substances, and requires regular, but not leaving a soggy soil watering.

Colorful bushes for front yard: The showy hydrangea

colorful bushes for front yard the showy hydrangea

This is a plant with showy dark rose to violet-purple or white blooms that appear in summer. The wide dark green leaves of hydrangea and the flowers form a dense shrub that’s full of freshness from spring to the autumn fall of the leaves. The plant has a quite informal look with its multi-stemmed form.

Hydrangea feels good in the spotted shade of trees, where it can grow up to 5 feet (1.5 m) tall. Though, it can also grow in full sun. The soil should be well-drained loam, clay or sandy. These smart shrubs do not need much humidity, so you may water them rarely.

Rhododendron and azalea with spectacular blooms

front yard bushes ideas rhododendron and azalea with spectacular booms

There can be a variety of lovely front yard shrubs ideas with rhododendron and azalea. These bushes with fine, spectacular blooms in purple, orange, violet, red, pink and white have a superb smell. Azalea and rhododendron form dense foliage.

Azaleas are deciduous, while most rhododendrons are evergreen. These ornamental plants reach up to six feet (1.8 m) height, though when pruned, they may grow as low shrubs. Azaleas and rhododendrons thrive in partial shade to full sun, and prefer well-drained, rich in humus soil. The soil should be moist, but not too much. The almost everyday watering is essential for these shrubs.

Colorful bushes for front yard: Lilac bushes

colorful bushes for front yard lilac bushes

Common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) bushes, originated from Europe, bloom in spring in violet or white flowers with incredible delicate scent. The tiny blooms grow in branching clusters. Lilac should be planted in the early fall of the leaves, before ground to freeze. Their growth is slow, 1–2 feet (0.6-1.2 m) per year until they reach 8–15 feet (2.4-4.6). Lilac need a full sun and a loamy, well-drained soil.

Evergreen freshness with rosemary

types of bushes for front yard evergreen freshness with rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis, or the rosemary, bloom in lilac in spring and once again in winter. Its foliage is dense and with fine aroma, which ranges rosemary against the most loved types of bushes for front yard. The plants grow best in full sun, where they reach five feet (1.5 m) There are creeping varieties of rosemary that may be shaped. The rosemary is preferred for planting pathway sides and gravel gardens. It is tolerant to fertile and poor, as well as to salt and drought soils, but well-draining is a must.

Colorful bushes for front yard: Showy rock mallow

colorful bushes for front yard for joy and great mood with flower colors

The rock mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) has large bright flowers, that will embellish your front yard. The shrub is used to form spectacular screens. It’s cold-hardy and can be grown in partial shade to full sun. The rock mallow will bloom from the summer to the fall of leaves. The plant will reach to 6 feet (1.8 m) tall and needs a well-drained, fertile soil.

colorful bushes for front yard for joy and mood with flower colors

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