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Contemporary kitchen design – focus on colors schemes

by Kremy

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Contemporary kitchen design ideas white kitchen cabinets

You want to create a contemporary kitchen design and have the kitchen of your dreams? Focus on the colors schemes then! White is an extremely practical solution for the contemporary kitchen. It blends with all colors and shades, and it is easy to try combinations and various ideas. Selection below highlights several solutions for contemporary kitchen colors schemes.

Contemporary kitchen design: accent on white

Modern white kitchen design idea


White kitchens blend into any home interior. Classic pristine white or ivory color schemes are always stylish and elegant, especially when it comes to contemporary kitchen design. Having a white kitchen does not necessarily mean that you have to have all in white. The kitchen can be warmed with wood elements for more coziness or sparked with colors for a vibrant atmosphere. White kitchen is the base for the color pops and splashes which will give the character to your kitchen.

 Contemporary kitchen design in bold colors

Contemporary kitchen ideas color palettes

If you are not in love with the white, but you want to have a modern and attractive contemporary kitchen design, opt for other bright colors such as yellow, green or why not ivory. You cannot have too many colors in your color scheme. You could have more than one or more than two colors but you need to pay attention to the right composition. Most people will stick to the same color in the whole kitchen to enhance modern style. You have many options for using colors in the various kitchen elements – floors, walls, appliances, tiles, backsplash, worktop, etc. The choice in terms of materials is quite wide: stainless steel, wood, acrylic. It’s up to you to find the solution that suits your needs and your taste in the best way.

Contemporary wood and stainless steel design

stainless steel kitchen appliances wooden cabinets contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen design ideas color palettes ivory


 Scandinavian style kitchen

Contemporary ideas color trends white kitchen

Modern kitchen in green

 design ideas color palettes green shades

Ivory colored kitchen cabinets

Contemporary design ideas color palettes fuscia green

Classic kitchen white cabinets

modern kitchen design ivory cabinets

 Black and white kitchen

contemporary kitchen design black and white

Minimalist kitchen design ideas green accent wall

contemporary yellow themed kitchen design

Contemporary design ideas color schemes yellow white kitchen

Contemporary design color schemes ivory cabinets woden floor



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