A peaceful contemporary Water House by Li Xiaodong Atelier

by Kremy


contemporary water house by li xiaodong atelier frontyard infinity pool

This contemporary Water House by Beijing-based architect Li Xiaodong, is a private residence project located at the foot of Yulong snow mountain in Lijiang, China. Built on a sloping site, it offers stunning panoramic views towards the mountain and the city of Lijiang, which is an ancient trading settlement.


contemporary water house by li xiaodong atelier low stone wall


The whole concept of the project for this contemporary Water house was to create a home using natural materials – water, stones and give it a modern appearance while, at the same time, preserve the privacy. With respect of the ancient history of Lijiang, famous for its remarkable old town, the home is designed with internal and external courtyards and reflective ponds of still water. In a most elegant and subtle way, the architecture solutions transit, the traditional architecture of the old town, famous for its bridges and canals. The courtyards and ponds are filled with water and connected to each other. As the water reflects the surrounding landscapes it creates magnifying images of the Nature.


water pond courtyard bamboo trees water house by li xiaodong atelier

A low stone wall and an infinity pool separate the modern Water house from the outside. The low height of the building is quite deliberate. It reflects the idea of Nature being the focal point of the design and focuses on the calming presence of water. The interior is designed in minimalist style which enhances the attention to detail and the elegance of lines. Except for the steel frame, which was crafted by professionals, the house is constructed with traditional materials from the surrounding villages by a local team of workers. The final result more than impressive with the harmony between architecture and Nature.

contemporary at the foot of a mountain


contemporary internal external ponds

modern home minimalist interior design water house

modern home design deck

modern architecture design courtyard pond

modern architecture natiral materials China

water ponds reflective surface modern residence

 atelier plan



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