20 Gorgeous Copper Balayage on Brown Hair Ideas to Try Out in Summer 2023!

by Kristiyana

Looking for stylish ideas on how to spice up your dark or light brown hair for the summer? Well, my girlies, you are in luck. Today for you here at Deavita.net we have picked out 20 stunning copper balayage on brown hair looks, each of which can be your perfect summery hairstyle this 2023. Want to have a look and take your pick? Let’s go!

Copper Balayage on Brown Hair Ideas 2023

dimensional copper balayage on brown hair

A copper balayage is a mix of red and brown tones, with subtle hints of rich golden hues. It is the perfect choice for balayage highlights for darker hair colours, as it gives your hair depth and brightness, while at the same time it creates dimension for your lengths. This hairstyle right here is the ideal example of a dimensional copper balayage on brown hair. The two colours are just a match made and heaven, don’t you agree?

What Skin Tone Suits Copper Hair?

Wondering if copper red hair will suit your skin tone? Thanks to its warm, richy tones, the copper hair colour can suit practically every skin tone. Still, if you need some further convincing, you can always ask your hair colourist if the colour will look good on you before you go for the dye.

Dark Copper Balayage on Brown Hair

does copper look good on brown hair


To add some brightness to your dark tresses, opt for stunning copper red balayage highlights. Ask your colourist for some lighter pieces spread out seamlessly throughout your hair, which will catch light when you fall under it. Some highlighted pieces at the front can create a gorgeous face-framing effect.

Dark Roots with Melting Copper Balayage

balayage copper colour melt with dark roots

Leave your darker brown roots be and opt for a melting copper balayage this summer! This glossy copper colour melt balayage will create a sparkly shine for your hair. The addition of warm tones brightens your face and gives you a glowing complexion. Thanks to the darker roots, your new glamorous hairstyle will look more natural. Plus, it will be easier to maintain.

Copper Balayage on Light Brown Hair

chocolate brown hair with copper balayage

Why not try this beautiful sun-kissed copper balayage for your light brown hair instead? It would look even more amazing if you started with a light chocolaty brown base. Ask your stylist for copper gold highlights spread out in different places and with a varying tonality in colour. This will create a natural warm hair colour as if lighted by the sun.

Dark Brunette Hair with Bright Balayage

bright copper balayage for dark brunette hair

Consider opting for a bright copper balayage for your dark brunette hair. This balayage will give your hair some lustre and chic. Best to do foil highlights, to lighten your dark tresses, so you can achieve that desired copper colour. Make sure the lighted parts of your hair seamlessly blend in with your darker roots for a soft colour transition.

Copper Balayage for Shoulder-length Hair

brunette shoulder length hair copper balayage

Wondering how to style your shoulder-length hair this summer 2023? A copper balayage can really do wonders for this type of cut. Opt for a gradual colour transition from darker roots to lighter ends. Wear your hair in beautiful, soft waves to further highlight your new copper colour. To maintain it between salon visits, use a pigmented shampoo and conditioner once a week.

Copper and Dark Strawberry Blonde Balayage

dark strawberry blonde and copper balayage hair

Want to add some warmth and colour to your fair skin? A copper and dark strawberry blonde balayage is just the thing your hair needs! The mix between the two lovely tones creates an almost natural ginger colour. This warm hue will highlight the movement and texture of your hair. When you are washing your it, make sure you avoid super hot showers to preserve the bright colour for as long as possible.

Black Hair with Copper Brown Balayage Highlights

 copper balayage highlights on black hair

If you are in need of a more subtle hairstyling idea to add some glam to your black or dark brunette hair, opt for copper brown balayage highlights. This colouring technique will add dimension to your tresses and create a beautiful blended natural look. Copper looks amazing against black.

Golden Copper Balayage on Dark Curly Hair

copper balayage on brown curly hair

How to get the perfect summer hairstyle for your curly hair? I think some golden copper balayage highlights will definitely do you justice! These highlights will look even better if you work with a rick dark base. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle, but to keep your curls looking shiny and healthy, make sure you use a curl cream before you diffuse your hair.

More Copper Balayage on Brown Hair Ideas 2023

copper balayage on light brown hair

Dark brunette hair with copper highlights

copper balayage on dark brown hair

Copper balayage on brown hair straight

copper balayage on brown hair straight

Dark brunette to copper blonde ombre hair 

brown to copper balayage blonde ombre hairstyle

Copper balayage on dark hair

 copper balayage on dark hair

Auburn copper balayage on brown hair

auburn copper balayage on brown hair

Long & wavy copper red balayage with dark roots

shadow roots copper red balayage

Mid-length brunette hair with bright copper tips

dark brunette with bright copper balayage tips

Copper blonde balayage on brown hair

copper blonde balayage on brown hair

Dark red and light copper highlights balayage

copper balayage on brown hair short

Stunning copper peach colour melt with shadow root

dark copper peach balayage colour melt hair

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