Corian sinks – unique bathroom sinks combining style and functionality

by Kremy

corian sinks corian bathroom sinks white floating vanity cabinet

Corian sinks are not just an ordinary piece of bathroom furniture as it combines functionality with visual appeal and instantly becomes a unique and individual element of the interior. Choosing a Corian bathroom sink gives you a guarantee that it is going to retain its original appearance as this material has exceptional properties.

corian sinks corian bathroom sinks contemporary bathroom design


Corian is a modern composite material used for the production of various pieces of furniture – countertops, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, etc. This artificial stone is made of natural minerals with addition of acrylic resins. It is unique in its texture, properties and color palette.


What are the advantages of Corian sinks?

corian bathroom sinks contemporary design

There are many reasons to choose Corian sinks for your bathroom. Corian has all the advantages of natural stone and practically has no disadvantages. What are the benefits that these offer to customers? On the first place Corian is very hard and resistant to damage which makes Corian bathroom sinks strong and durable.

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The strength and durability of Corian are due to the ingredients used for the manufacturing of this material. The composition of natural ingredients gives Corian a legendary durability and resistance to external influences. All Corian products have a warranty period of up to ten years but the actual lifespan is more than 20 years.

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Corian sinks are environmentally safe as the components include natural minerals, acrylic resin (a material used for dental fillings), aluminum trihydrate (component toothpaste) and safe pigments.

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Corian sinks are especially suitable for bathrooms as the material is non-porous and due to that a Corian bathroom sink is exceptionally resistant to different stains and staining.

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Among the advantages of Corian bathroom sinks are the heat resistance, good tolerance of high levels of moisture and water repellent, exceptionally easy maintenance, as the material lacks of hygroscopicity and due to the non-porous surface, Corian is resistant to mold and mildew growth.

Corian sinks – bathroom sinks with exceptional quality and visual aesthetics

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In addition to all the advantages, Corian sinks offer exceptional quality and visual aesthetics. The beautiful appearance is achieved through the connection of individual parts with acrylic adhesive. With no visible seams, the sinks have a monolithic appearance and designers have a unique opportunity to create interesting design variations.

corian contemporary wood vanity

The color variety is certainly one of the main advantages of the material and Corian sinks can blend easily in any interior design style. With more than 100 colors to choose from, you will find the right bathroom sink for your home without any problem. Clean modern lines and fashionable colors work with natural materials, bold modern colors – there are options to satisfy every taste. Corian sinks have unique color and texture and the variety of colors and vast opportunities to combine them provide numerous design opportunities. There are many customization options and you can have a Corian bathroom sink manufactured as an individual project and make your bathroom sink fit into the particular design style or color scheme of your bathroom.

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