Corrugated metal in interior design – creative ideas for home decors

by Kremy

corrugated metal in interior design loft bedroom ceiling design ideas

Corrugated metal in interior design sounds like a bold and unusual decision as this is not the first type of material that people think of when they envision their homes. It is a popular material for roofing and many people find it difficult to imagine how to use corrugated metal in interior design. We have selected 50 very original ideas which will show you interesting interior design solutions and you will see that this unusual material works very well in the interior of the home.

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Let’s see the advantages and the benefits that corrugated metal sheets provide and why they are a clever idea for the interior design. In general, metal in interior design has been used for decades due to its durability, gorgeous luster, texture and appearance. Copper, wrought iron were used for centuries and in more recent times, steel and brass found their place in people’s homes. With the invention of corrugated galvanized iron back in the 1820s the material gained quick popularity for its unique properties – it is functional, lightweight, portable, corrosion-resistant, durable, economical, low maintenance, fire and storm resistant, very long-lasting and easy to recycle. Nowadays corrugated sheets are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ferrous alloys, a zinc-aluminum alloy with an anti-corrosive matte finish. The manufacturing process involves a machine which pulls metal sheets and creates a wavy surface.

Corrugated metal in interior design – how to use it in different design styles?

corrugated galvanized metal wanscoting mudroom ideas

Corrugated metal works with different design styles but is usually used in rustic, industrial, classic, Mediterranean or country interiors but people constantly seek for sustainable materials and the idea of using eco-friendly materials in home decors, we see corrugated metal in modern home decors. The sheets are manufactured in a variety of patterns, finishes, and beautiful color options which makes it easier to incorporate a unique corrugated metal accent into your interior space. Most people prefer to use reclaimed corrugated sheets with beautiful patina, which gives the interior an original industrial look, some people prefer to paint it in a color that will blend with the design concept, and others prefer to take advantage of the shining surface and use it as an accent.

 metal panel dining room

Corrugated metal sheets are an excellent choice for interior designs focused and simplicity and naturalness, functionality and modesty. Corrugated steel works with natural materials like solid wood, leather, stone and due to the neutral color it can be combined with any other color – from soft neutrals to bold, bright colors. The curved surface of corrugated metal sheets allows numerous design solutions and decorating ideas and you will see some really inspiring interior concepts in the gallery below.

corrugated metal design ideas corrugated iron wall

What to use – new or reclaimed corrugated metal sheets? There is no rule and you have to decide based on the look you want to achieve and the overall design concept. New panels work with modern interiors and add a sleek shiny accent, while reclaimed panels are widely used in rustic and industrial decors as they have some rust and a pleasant patina. However, before buying new or reclaimed corrugated sheets and installing them in your home, you need to know that in a hot and humid climate you may encounter potential problems as metal is heated much quicker than alternative materials and in air-conditioned rooms you may have condensation on the metal.

Corrugated metal in interior design – accent wall ideas

 contemporary home office design

Using corrugated metal sheets to create an accent wall is a smart solution. It is an immediate eye-catcher and in addition, a budget friendly way to add originality and character to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room in the house. The cost of corrugated panels is lower compared to the cost of drywall, for example, and unless you want a specific finish, metal panels do not require painting or any other finish. Installation is very quick which is another saving on time and labor. Installing an accent wall from corrugated steel is a good DIY project for everyone who has basic skills with a drill and fasteners. You have to measure the surface area, cut the metal sheet to the desired size, secure wood strips to the wall and fasten the sheet. Corrugated metal wall panels can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. Typically, the vertical orientation is preferred while horizontal installation can be seen in interiors with more contemporary look.

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 metal wall ideas

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Corrugated metal in interior design – ceiling design ideas

 metal in interior design man cave ideas

Ceiling designs with corrugated sheets of metal nowadays are not considered as unusual, although a few decades ago, such interior solutions were more or less regarded to as eccentric and peculiar. Metal corrugated sheets naturally complement country house interiors as they work in a great way with wood and stone. Modern design trends use the reflective properties of metal to add a modern vibe to the interior. Metal sheets are a good solution for ceilings as they are thin, lightweight, and if you chose to use new corrugated steel panels the standard galvanized finish for a modern interior you will have an original and unique ceiling. Of course, you can always choose one of the many available color options, but colored metal sheets are more suitable as wall decoration than ceiling. Reclaimed panels which are likely be corroded will add visual interest and character to the overall appearance of the room.

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wall and ceiling

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 corrugated steel interior walls

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Corrugated metal in interior design – interior doors ideas

industrial bathroom door

When you are in search for industrial interior doors, metal corrugated doors can be an excellent choice. Such doors will blend in rustic interiors as well and most often you see corrugated steel barn doors or inserts in wood doors. Corrugated steel or tin doors can be used as a door for the laundry room, bedroom closet, en-suite bathrooms, etc. Sliding room dividers are also an option. However, the insulating properties of metal are not very big, so you have to keep that in mind when planning to add a metal interior door.

crustic decor ideas sliding barn door

 metal door

Corrugated metal in bathroom interior design – tips and ideas

modern bathroom corrugated metal wall glass panel

Using corrugated metal in bathrooms – does it sound like a rust disaster to you? Yes, it could be so, if you chose the wrong metal finish. Usually rust appears where metal was cut, at any holes drilled into it, or cuts when sized to the required measures. To avoid rusting you need to paint such “risky spots” with a rust proof paint, but it is better to choose galvanized steel or aluminum, which is softer and has excellent moisture resistant properties. Corrugated sheets can be used in different ways in the bathroom.

 corrugated steel wainscoting bathroom ideas

Typically metal sheets are installed vertically and mimic classic beadboard wainscoting. This allows bathroom designs with wood or shiplap walls and metal protects wood from moisture damage, rotting and mold growth. When installed on the upper part of the wall, metal acts as a decoration and an accent wall in the design of the bathroom.

corrugated metal wall bathroom design freestanding tub

Corrugated steel shower walls are very practical and budget friendly. Such wall design is suitable for rustic and industrial bathroom decors but we see such design solutions in modern shower enclosures as well. Metal combined with glass shower partitions and the warmth of wood in the vanity cabinet create a great atmosphere in the bathroom and an a feeling of easiness, simplicity and functionality.

 industrial style bathroom design

 bathroom design

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 shower ideas bathroom wainscoting

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Corrugated metal in kitchen interior design – kitchen cabinets and decorative accents

 corrugated metal backsplash

When it comes to using corrugated metal in kitchen interior design the ideas of designers are limitless. The durability and low maintenance of the material make it a good choice for kitchen cabinet fronts, kitchen island face, even as a backsplash option. You can use metal in its pre-fab color and blend it in the kitchen color scheme or choose a contrasting color for a great accent. As we already mentioned, metal and wood work together beautifully and create add a distinctive character and original visual aesthetics to the kitchen. Craftsman style, rustic, industrial, contemporary – corrugated sheets can be successfully incorporated in any of these decor styles.

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 kitchen design ideas kitchen island

 industrial kitchen design ideas

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Original and creative ideas for interior accents using corrugated metal sheets

 corrugated iron spiral staircase

There are so many ideas how to use corrugated metal in interior design that we feel we only touched the surface of the topic. The flexibility of metal panels make it possible to twist and shape them which allows designers to incorporate them in arches, spiral staircases, various furniture pieces, etc. Although flexible, the material is sturdy enough to hold its shape. How about a corrugated sheet of metal as a bed headboard? Of course, this would be a great visual accent in the bedroom decor. Corrugated steel is an especially good choice for mudrooms as well, due to the easy maintenance, or as a wainscoting because it protects against moisture and does not attract insects.

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