50 Stylish and elegant dining room ceiling design ideas in modern homes

by Kremy

dining room ceiling design ideas creative and lighting

Dining room ceiling design ideas in modern homes show how special attention to detail and creative design concepts can add unique character and vibe to the interior. We often hear that the top is the largest unused area in the room and modern designers are taking advantage of the great potential of these “canvases” and offer amazing designs and solutions in different styles.

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How to transform a plain ceiling into a spectacular accent? How to add more style and sophistication? How to decorate a dining room ceiling in a way that it becomes an integral part of the overall design and adds to the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere? We have selected some of the most beautiful dining room ceiling design ideas which show different techniques, styles and materials but they have one thing in common – they are incredibly pleasant to look at!

dining room ceiling design ideas decoration ideas

Ceilings are a main feature in every room of the home. Think of that you have seen designed by architects and artists a hundred or two hundred years ago. Our ancestors knew the importance of the presentation and made the best of it. Modern times offer more opportunities in terms of technology, materials, architectural diversity, etc. to take advantage of the aesthetic dimension. If you are one of the people who refuse to spend any of the budget on ceiling decoration, think of your flooring – both are more or less the same, and when you invest in the perfect home flooring you need to do the same for the top. Moreover, while floors are flat, ceilings offer a wide variety of options in terms of architecture – dome, slanted, curved, sloped – what a great diversity! With the right ceiling design you can visually add height to the room, or make a high room look cozier. You can add grandeur or modern shine, there is no limit to creativity and fantasy.

Dining room ceiling design ideas – what is important to know?

dining room ceiling design ideas brown theme color

How dining room ceiling design ideas are different from the ideas for living room or bedroom? It seems that there is no difference and many people will tell you so. However, the design of the top in the dining room has to be distinctive and elegant, to provide enough lighting which refers to the functionality, and at the same time to be a complement to the interior without distracting the attention.

dining room ceiling design ideas decorative

Dining rooms are as important as living rooms as this is the place where we share meals with our friends and families, we celebrate personal and seasonal holidays and whether a separate formal dining room or a dining area in an open plan living space, the ceiling design in the dining room is an integral part of the interior. It can be the dramatic accent in the room, the color pop, the reflective surface adding visual height, it can be modern, traditional, rustic, unusual, Mediterranean, cathedral, coffered, mirrored, the list goes on and on.

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There are many ways to decorate the dining room ceiling as well as this in any other room – medallions, moldings, domes, panels, tiles, beams and it often happens that dining room ceiling design ideas are so inspiring in their diversity and uniqueness that it is hard to choose just one idea. Each of them makes you think “Oh, this is amazing! I want to have that at my home!”

dining room ceiling design ideas mediterranean decor wrought iron chandelier wine racks

When looking for the best dining room ceiling design for your own home, always remember that top lighting is also a decoration. Whether natural light through skylights, spectacular chandeliers, modern pendant lamps, hidden lighting, LED lights – light adds the special ambience in the room and can create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic evening or a magical, glittering, festive shine for a Christmas Eve family dinner.

Dining room ceiling design ideas – add pattern and texture with wallpaper

original ceiling design ideas dining room wallpaper

Most people think of wallpapers as wall decoration. However, some unique dining room ceiling design ideas use wallpaper to add depth and pattern to the dining room interior. You do not have to glue wallpaper on the whole one. You can combine it with beautiful moldings and outline a certain shape – oval, rectangular, square – thus you will add texture, depth and originality to the ceiling. Wallpapers come in such a wide variety of colors and patterns – floral, geometric, graphic, striped – that creating a wallpaper ceiling is not a problem. Combining pattern and texture gives an opportunity for creative and artistic designs and if you add a luxurious crystal chandelier the result will be breathtaking.

dining room ceiling design ideas wallpaper decor

dining room ceiling design ideas wallpaper original

ceiling design ideas wallpaper luxurious dining room

Dining room ceiling design ideas – mirrored ceilings

dining room ceiling design ideas mirror tiles contemporary

Mirror is an amazing material in finishing. It not only reflects, but also transforms reality, creating two worlds – illusive and real, familiar and mysterious, close and distant. Typically, dining room mirrored designs are used to increase the height of the room, but you get much more than that – a mirrored adds festivity, brightness and light to the dining room. It adds visual interest and enables you to create a luxurious, unique interior. Mirror panels can have different shapes, size and color and the choice will depend on the overall design concept.

dining room ceiling design ideas mirror modern

mirror ideas modern

mirror coffered

dark mirror decor


mirror modern interior

Dining room ceiling design ideas – coffered, vaulted or cathedral?

swarovski crystal chandelier

Coffered ceilings in dining rooms add a special charm and depth. They offer richness, elegance and style and are an excellent choice for formal dining rooms. You can choose different shapes for the panels – square, rectangle, octagon, you can choose different types of panels – ornate carved wood panels, shiny tin tiles, copper tiles, you can add color by painting the coffered ceiling – the opportunities are numerous. Thex are versatile and exceptionally flexible. That is why they work with many design styles – modern, traditional, rustic, classic, etc. In addition, such a ceiling can help you hide any imperfections and with the right lighting, you will have the most spectacular dining room.

vaulted brick

Vaulted and cathedral ceilings in dining rooms can be the “wow” element in the interior design. They make the room far more interesting and add a definite feeling of grandeur to the interior. Height, light, airiness, originality – if you have the chance for a cathedral ceiling, do not hesitate for a minute! Vaulted tops come in several varieties, arched or curved, with one or two sloping sides. Vaults can be simple, like for example the barrel vault, eye catching – the groin vault – or exceptionally beautiful – cloister vault, for example.

vaulted awesome chandelier

vaulted lighting contemporary wine rack


dining room ceiling design ideas coffered glass table top


coffered craftsman style
coffered black


cathedral exposed beams

barrel vault

Dining room ceiling design ideas – budget friendly stencil ceiling ideas

ctencil mediterranean

When the idea for a white ceiling in the dining room is not acceptable but you are on a budget and yet you want to have a unique ceiling, a stencil ceiling is the perfect option to add individuality and character to your dining room decor. A stencil ceiling can highlight the moldings and completely transform a dull space into something unique. The best thing about stencil ceilings is that they do not require any special skills. You can buy your stencils from a craft shop or make them by yourself and all you need to do is paint the ceiling. You can even use spray paint to make it extra easy. Whether you choose a large or small stencil pattern will depend on your personal taste, the overall design of the dining room, the height of the ceiling, the lighting – so keeping in mind these factors, take the chance to be creative!

stencil decor

stencil crystal chandelier

exposed wood beams stencil decoration

beautiful stencil mediterranean style

Dining room ceiling design ideas – most amazing and exquisite dome ceilings

dome crystal chandelier

One of the most eye catching dining room ceiling designs are the ceiling domes. The resemblance with the circular domes of ancient churches makes the ceilings a focal point. They can be a decorative element on their own and the dome can be caped with a skylight, stained glass or painted in an accent color. Dome ceilings are a good option for tall rooms and in lower rooms they can create an illusion of height. You can add moldings or a medallion as an accent to the dome and enhance the visual effect.

amazing elegant area

As you can see there are so many options for an impressive dining room ceiling design. We only listed a few of them. A beautiful top makes the room sophisticated and finished and with the right design the ceiling can become the showpiece in the interior adding drama, character, style, sophistication, modern vibe, classic charm, rustic warmth or infinite elegance. Did you choose the best ceiling design for you dining room?

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plaster dome crystal chandelier

dome pop

dome contrast color


black chandelier false dome

wood pendant lamps

unique remodeling

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ideas modern pop

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