45 Rope craft ideas – how to use rope in interior decoration?

by Kremy

Rope craft ideas are widely diverse but all of the examples that we selected are really beautiful and each one can be a great accent in any home. Rope is a great material for different craft projects – from the most simple and easy ones to more complex.

rope crafts ideas  projects diy home accessories

You can weave not only baskets, but numerous items and the selection in the gallery below will give you lots of ideas how to create unique decorative items with rope. In addition rope is very easy to work with. All you need is a hot glue gun, a wide eye needle, some inspiration and a couple of free hours.

 crafts decorative nautical rope diy home accessories


Rope is not an expensive material and is extremely versatile, it is easily found in almost any craft store, and you can choose from different colors, thickness, and material – cotton, jute, hemp, sisal, etc. You can craft flower pots, vases, candleholders, lanterns, rope baskets – easy craft projects for beginners, and those who are more skillful in DIY craft projects can make a coffee table, area rug, shelves, side tables, coasters, placemats, the list is endless. You can use a variety of techniques – use hot glue, wrap the rope around an item and fix it at the edges, carefully sew the rope to a fabric base, etc.

rope crafts ideas diy nautical decor spool side table ideas

Rope is an excellent material for decorating various furniture pieces – chairs, stools, sofas, ottomans, tables, beds, floor lamps, lamps, mirrors, boxes, chests, etc. Rope is an excellent material to make unique handles for cabinets, cupboards, drawers and even doors. Rope works in a great way when combined with natural fabrics and materials – linen and wool textiles as well as natural wood, glass, stone. Rope looks quite organically in the interior and it is important to remember that natural materials are perfectly combined and coexist with other natural materials. Rope is an excellent choice for design styles like rustic, Scandinavian, eco-style, coastal interiors and nautical themed decors. In many coastal home interiors rope is used as staircase railing which gives the interior stairs a unique appearance.

Rope craft ideas – eco-friendly, natural material for home accessories

rope crafts ideas diy hanging vase light bulb rope

Rope craft ideas can be used for the decoration of any room in the house. Rope is beautiful in its simplicity and texture which is one of the main reasons why it is so appreciated by designers, interior decorators and DIY project fans. It is a material that can create a wonderful feeling of warmth and coziness. Natural fibers are a complement your home, and we shall offer you some DIY ideas and tutorials which will help you create your own and unique home accessories.

How to make a rope ottoman or coffee table?

diy garden stools upcycling ideas old tires rope

It is a fun rope craft project which does not require any special skills and is suitable even for beginners. A rope coffee table or an ottoman can be used in the living room, even in the patio and is a beautiful addition to the interior or exterior of any beach house. Here is a list of the materials that you need:

  • An old tire;
  • Two plywood circles with a diameter slightly less than the tire;
  • rope;
  • hot glue gun or a strong glue in a tube;
  • drill;
  • special wax or varnish;
  • wheels (or wooden legs)

 diy coffee table old tire diy furniture

Step 1. Take a tire. Make sure it is not damaged mechanically and has no cuts or punctures. With a soap and water solution brush the tire inside and out. It is best if you do that in the garden. Rinse and leave it to dry completely.

Step 2. Measure the diameter of the tire. You can cut out the top and bottom of your table from plywood, particleboard or fiberboard. Draw a circle on the plywood with the required diameter and then cut it out using a jigsaw. Remember to wear safety glasses. The diameter of the base of the table should be slightly less than the top so reduce your plywood base diameter by 5 centimeters. Cut and set aside.

Step 3. Add the legs (wheels) on the bottom. You may skip this step if you do not want to add legs or wheels to your coffee table. In case you want to add height, this is the right moment to secure the legs to the bottom. It is recommended that you add three or four legs, at equal distance from each other, for greater stability. Glue the legs to the bottom of the table. Let the glue dry completely and fasten the legs with corner fasteners.

Step 4. Assemble the table with the help of glue. Use strong adhesive and secure the top and bottom of the table. Make sure you applied enough glue. Let it dry.

Step 5. Paint the wooden parts of the table. Apply a sealant or varnish. You can use paint of any color so that the table blends with your existing decor or use a wood stain in the desired shade.

Step 6. Time for the rope. Apply adhesive on the tire and start coiling the rope. Make sure you wind it very tight. Begin with the sides and then coil the rope on the top plywood which will be the top of your rope coffee table. Glue the ends of the rope and let it dry completely. Your table/ottoman is ready!

Rope craft ideas – tips, instructions and tutorials

diy  candle holders beach party decorating ideas

One of the easiest rope craft ideas, suitable not only for beginners but for kids as well, is to make an elegant glass and rope candleholder. Candles add a romantic touch and wonderful scents in our homes. Use hot glue gun or strong adhesive to fix the rope on the glass. Add sand, seashells, a tea candle or a pillar candle and your unique home accessory can decorate the table in the evening.

 diy nautical decorating ideas  picture frame

A nautical themed photo frame is the perfect accessory for coastal decors – glue thin rope on the photo frame and decorate with seashells, sea stars. It is fantastic gift for friends and family members that your kids can craft during your sea vacation.

 diy nautical accessories wall mirror

When you want to decorate a home in coastal style or add to the nautical theme of the interior, you can use rope as a mirror frame, for example. Use rope to hold the curtains, or just coil some rope in glass bowls and then display them on a side table. In this way you will show your good taste, attention to detail and knowledge in decorating techniques.


An amazing upcycling idea is to craft a side table for your living room or patio. These tables look very charming and add a homey touch to the interior. Simple and beautiful, you can find spools in different sizes and choose the one that you need.

diy nautical decor table centerpiece ideas

Rope craft ideas and table decorations give you an opportunity to create a unique table decor. Placemats, coasters, napkin rings, table runners, nautical themed centerpieces, place cards, anything can be crafted with rope. Add glass bowls filled with sand, driftwood, flowers, seaweeds, small stones that you found on the beach, seashells and your table will be ready for the perfect beach party. Blue and white tablecloth and napkins, cold wine, candles and a bunch of good friends will make an evening to remember.

diy nautical lighting fixtures mason jars lamps

Rope is often used to decorate lamps or lamp shades and such lighting fixtures are suitable not only for rustic and coastal interiors but will fit perfectly in industrial style decors as well. Rope crafts and lamp decorating offer numerous cool ideas for original lighting fixtures. You can use mason jars to craft amazing lighting fixtures which you can use indoors or outdoors and add a festive and magical atmosphere to your dining room, living room or garden dining area.

diy rope rug easy craft ideas

How about making an area rug? You think it is difficult and time consuming? You have no idea how to do it? Here is a simple idea and instructions how to make a fantastic rug.

 diy nautical   rug ideas coastal decor

To make a mat or area rug you need jute rope with 6-11 mm thickness or thicker. You also need a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive and a wide eyed needle. You can coil the rope in circles with different size and then join them together. Here is a figure which gives an example of how to join the separate elements. While crafting the individual elements, it is recommended that you stitch the coiled and then stitch the elements. In this way, you can be sure that the elements will not fall apart.

diy  bowl ideas coastal decor

Enjoy the variety of ideas in the gallery below and find one that you like best. Start with something easy and simple and then move to bigger projects like kitchen shelves or bookshelves, lamps, table and chair decoration with rope, rustic signs or whatever comes to your mind and you think will add to the unique atmosphere and decor of your home.

table decor anchors

upcycling ideas diy pallet hanging table

 table centerpiece diy rope table runner

 living room nautical lighting fixtures

diy vase decoration tin coastal decor ideas

diy table decoration rope decorations place mats

 decorative nautical rope diy nautical lighting fixtures driftwood rope

diy  wrapped mason jar lights upcycling ideas

diy rope side table playroom kids room furniture

diy rope mats beach house decor entryway

diy nautical  decor home accessories

 diy nautical rope decorations bathroom towel

 diy coasters easy rope projects

 decorative nautical rope lanterns garden decor

decorative nautical ideas diy driftwood rope sign

decorative nautical rope diy napkin ring

 decorative nautical rope diy lighting fixtures

diy garden table spool table ideas

craft ideas decorative nautical rope diy cool side table

 decorative nautical rope diy candle lights garden party

curtain tie back rope sea star nautical decor ideas

nautical themed decor ideas bedroom decor nautical lighting fixtures

 window treatment curtain decorations ideas

 diy rope projects nautical lighting fixtures

diy  lights dining room decor

  area rug home decorating ideas

diy nautical decor  holder

diy nautical decor staircase with ralings

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