Creative Christmas tree decoration – easy skirts and garlands

by Kremy

  Christmas tree decoration skirt in white green

Christmas is right around the corner. May be you have your tree all set and beautiful but it’s bottom looks naked and ruins all your decoration efforts. And if you are tired of the same old garlands you use year after year – get your children to be part of the fun and craft some of these jolly and easy garlands. With some help and a few creative Christmas tree decoration ideas you will be able to craft your own tree skirt and enjoy yourselves while making some new garlands.

christmas tree skirt red and white stars


You have forgotten pieces of different textiles but you have run out of creative Christmas tree decoration ideas? It does not take too much to find some holiday inspiration. What we want to achieve is a cozy holiday atmosphere, create a charming skirt to rest the presents and a happy, good mood when we look at our Christmas tree. Get out your scissors, glue, some stitching needles and colour papers. This is the time to give a different look to daily items.

Creative Christmas tree decoration garland of fruits

Making your own Christmas tree skirt can be as easy as draping a length of fabric under your tree. Or cut a large coloured paper circle and decorate it with snowflakes, holiday ornaments, Santa Clause silhouettes or simply spread some multicoloured circles. Some creative Christmas tree decorations will help you with the garlands too. Use what you have – thread edibles like popcorns, ginger cookies, red berries and you will have not only original, but a tasty Christmas tree as well. Some of the old red and green balls could also be transformed into a jolly garland. Personalize your tree with simple ideas and enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

 tree skirt in red and pink

 tree skirt patchwork style

red and golden snowflakes

Christmas skirt roses of cloth

Creative tree decoration multi coloured skirt

Creative Christmas decoration ideas red skirt blue ornaments

Creative Christmas decoration ideas silky skirt in gold

Creative tree skirt with green rings

Easy Christmas garland decoration of old sweater

Easy Christmas garland ginger cookies

Easy Christmas garland paper stars

Easy Christmas garland red and green balls

 Easy Christmas pinecone garland

Easy Christmas Snowflake Garland

 Easy Christmas skirt paper

Easy to make tree skirt


original skirt pieces of textile





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