Hidden safes ideas – where to hide our valuables at home

by Kremy

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Each and every one of us has certain valuable possessions which could be an object of attraction to robbers. For thousands of years people have been trying to hide their most valuable items – jewelry, money or documents – in different places in the home, so the safe has been a necessity for ages. Nowadays, as per statistics, millions of people keep money and jewelry at home, which makes the idea of having a safe very popular. We will show you some creative hidden safes ideas which may be helpful when you are in need to store your belongings safely.


Hidden safes ideas – to buy or not to buy a safe?


hidden safes ideas vintage clock design built in safe


Many people ponder on the question whether to buy or not a home safe. It is true that people seldom keep large amounts of money at home which makes the safe unnecessary. However, personal documents, business documents, property documents can be successfully protected from burglars or even fire in a safe. Even if that is not the case, having a secret place to keep our jewelry at times when we are on holiday is something to think about. There are many hidden safes ideas which are especially useful, especially for small items and small amounts of cash. Some of these ideas make the home safes absolutely invisible, some look like home accessories or household items.


Creative hidden safes ideas – tips for your own hiding place


hidden safes ideas hidden wall safe electricity socket

Furniture has been a hiding place for ages – secret drawers in the desk, especially designed bookshelves or chests. Lately, wall clocks with a hidden storage compartment are a popular choice for many homeowners. Creative hidden safes ideas feature special designs in the bathroom under a wall tile, even a mini safe behind the electricity socket. Remember that the best hiding places are in the open, look at the ideas in the gallery below and find the best solution for your home.


closet cabinets hidden safes ideas furniture design ideas

hidden safes ideas furniture design hiding place home furniture

surge protector hidden safe ideas creative hiding places

original hidden safes ideas bathroom kitchen wall tile

hiding places DIY hidden safe ideas sock in drawer

hidden safes ideas furniture design home safe ideas hiding place

hidden safes ideas furniture design floating shelf

hidden safes ideas furniture design bed pillow hidden safe

hidden safes ideas furniture design bed mattress safe ideas

hidden safes ideas DIY home safe under the floor

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DIY hidden safes ideas book safe

creative hidden safes ideas home safe hiding place jewelry cash

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