Cool and clever secret hiding places to keep your valuables safe

Written by Kremena Ruseva

clever secret hiding places ideas home safe cash hiding place

It happens that people become victims of burglary. How to keep your valuables safe? Where to hide your most precious items so that they are not exposed to potential theft? A home can be full of hiding places and we will show you some clever secret hiding places which may be useful and give you some ideas.

DIY secret hiding places – original ideas

secret hiding places home safe ideas hiding ideas

Some people say that it takes an average burglar maximum of 15 minutes to rob your home. You may have a security system, you may even have a home safe and yet, there is no guarantee that you will keep your cash, jewelry and important documents. Here creativity comes to aid. When you want to really hide something it should be hidden in an unexpected way or place. Here you will find some original DIY secret hiding places and although some of them may seem like fun, they actually work. The statistics show that master bedroom and living room are the first rooms that burglars scour for jewelry and cash. People tend to install their home safes in these rooms and experienced thieves know it. But you can use the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, pantry or laundry room to create your hiding place and there are some really creative family photo wall ideas which you can use to arrange it.

Cool and clever secret hiding places

jewelry cash hiding place ideas paint box

You know that something is hidden when it is placed on an obvious place. Cool and clever secret hiding places could be anything from a small storage safe disguised as a book, hidden in a pile of other books or desk papers. When you want to hide some cash, you can drill a hole in one of the interior doors and store small items. Pantry items are another good idea. Sea salt, flour, sugar – use the packs to hide your valuables. Household, kitchen and cleaning products are also a good spot, especially when stacked among real products.

 ideas home safe cash secret place

ideas home appliances caper secret places

 photo frame safe ideas

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 safe ideas fake books

fake pipes basement home ideas

door stash mini home safe ideas

 compartment behind tv safe

original mayonnaise jar pantry

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