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We have collected a number of fantastic pea gravel patio ideas for those who want to create a cozy and environmentally friendly landscape design. We shall look at the pros and cons of the material and will give you useful tips and ideas how to use it in your garden. What is pea gravel? As the name suggests, this is a landscaping material and the small stones are about the size of a pea. It comes in a variety of colors from the natural palette – brown, grayish shades, white and sometimes translucent. The stones have a smooth surface which is a result of natural weathering.

Landscaping and decorative options

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This is a cost effective and affordable material which offers many opportunities as you will see in the gallery for pea gravel patio ideas. It is installed quickly and easily and does not require the effort, labor and investment of a paved patio or concrete patio. Pea gravel has a special charm and is an excellent choice for Mediterranean landscapes or Tuscan style courtyards. The smooth texture adds to the casual and informal atmosphere of the patio, and the landscape looks very natural.

Pea gravel patio ideas – pros and cons

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Pea gravel patio ideas do look appealing and very attractive. It is something that will last for a lifetime and has a number of advantages. It provides excellent drainage, it prevents weeds and erosion, it can be installed in a weekend and is an inexpensive solution. In addition, the material is versatile and can be used for not only for patios but for garden paths or driveways. On the downside, pea gravel is a loose material and you will not have a smooth surface. It shifts underfoot and may be inconvenient to walk on and on bare feet the sensation may be quite uncomfortable. As a base for dining furniture, the small stones might be unstable and in areas with snowfall, it will be difficult to remove the snow.

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