Decorating with birdcages – great ideas for the design of your home

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birdcages and string lights Shabby chic decorating ideas

Decorating with birdcages provides you a unique opportunity to add something beautiful and unexpected to your home decor. A birdcage, especially if it looks like a real work of art, can be a great way to decorate a home interior. Many people love cages with live birds as they give the house a special charm, but along with the charm come quite many duties, cleaning, etc. Luckily, a cage can be used in many different ways either empty or filled with a variety of items.

Tastefully selected decor can not only transform the home, but also make it original and show your taste. If the interior design is lacking individuality then it requires a change or an addition. We have given you many ideas how to use home accessories and you can select from a variety of items that are connected to your hobby or interests.

Why choose a decorative birdcage for your home?

living room lighting ideas with upcycled birdcages


The birdcage has become one of those accessories that are now very often used in home interiors in different styles. Decorative metal items are always fashionable and add originality and exclusivity to the interior of any room. Due to the fact that this sort of accessories provides a lot of opportunities for imagination, designers and decorators show numerous creative ways how to use a decorative birdcage as an eye catching home decor.

decorating with birdcages creative ideas for every home

Decorating with birdcages will be most appropriate in vintage styles, which include Shabby Chic, Provence, rustic as well as in Asian inspired ethnic interiors, Boho chic and without any doubt, it can have a place in homes designed in modern style. Depending on the style and color of the cage itself, it can be used in completely different styles like art deco and art nouveau and even in Industrial styled home designs.

Birdcages differ in shape, size and material. They can be round, semicircular, square, small or large-sized, new, vintage or artificially aged, metal or wooden, so there is something suitable for every taste.

Creative ideas for decorating with birdcages

decorative bird cages upcycling ideas

You can come up with many options for decorating with birdcages. It can be placed on the floor, it can stand on a shelf or on a windowsill, coffee table and even gracefully hang from the ceiling. You can place one on the balcony, patio or outdoor recreation area. Here are some great ideas for you!

Birdcage flower pot or plant container

Easter table decoration with bird cage and flower pot with spring flowers

One of the most popular uses of the bird cage is to transform it into a plant container or a flower pot. The cage can be either suspended from the ceiling or placed on a table or window sill. Climbing plants that twist around the rods look even more attractive. All you need to do is fill the cage with soil and plant some flowers, succulents, etc.

Birdcage candle holder

patio and garden decorating ideas birdcage candles and flowers table decor

Candles placed in a birdcage immediately add a romantic touch to any room. You can easily arrange candles, evergreens, pine cones and garlands and make a fantastic Christmas decoration.

Birdcage lamp shade

Decorating with birdcages cool upcycling ideas

Decorative cages can be used as a chandelier or floor lamp. Such a lampshade can be left open or partially draped with fabric. This idea is great for those who want to create a sense of lightweight and airiness in the interior.

Birdcage shelf

living room decor large birdcage as plant stand

You can use a decorative birdcage as an additional storage space. The cage can be placed in any room – in the living room it can be an excellent book storage, in the bathroom a cage could accommodate soap and shower accessories, in the bedroom it can be used as an original jewelry organizer and storage box.


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