DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – 15 craft projects with household items

by Kremy

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas 15 craft projects

There is hardly a girl who does not enjoy a dollhouse – the toy has proven itself over the years as an absolute classic. Those who find the modern versions made of plastic too impersonal can get the old wooden house out of the basement, repaint it and prepare it for the next generation. Of course, the furniture for the dollhouse should not be missing. If the old furniture is damaged or completely missing, creativity is in the first place. We will show you 15 DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas. Be inspired by the suggestions – the instructions are super easy and suitable even for beginners.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make a paper house extension?

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas how to make house extension from paper


Does the old dollhouse need a house extension – for example, because there is not enough room for all Barbie dolls? Then a guesthouse made of paper offers a fast space solution. Simply cut out the walls from cardboard. For the door and the windows cut openings, glue the door and window sashes with wooden sticks for more stability. Now just assemble the house – and arrange the toys inside.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make houseplants from natural materials

DIaccessories for dollhouse houseplants chestnut beads

To make houseplants you need the following materials:

several chestnuts,

wooden sticks,

green wooden beads,

pink glass beads,

hot glue gun



Make holes into the chestnuts with the screwdriver, insert the wooden sticks and glue them in place. Decorate the chestnuts with the wooden and glass beads.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make a photo wall

Furniture for dollhouse how to make photo wall wooden stick photos

The walls in the new guest house should not remain empty. Cut out several photos from old magazines and make photo frames from wooden sticks. Arrange the photos and glue them to the wall.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – Coffee table made of tea candles and can lid

DIY Dollhouse furniture how to make sofa coffee table

First we will show you how to make a coffee table from two tea candles and a can lid. All you need for this craft project is a hot glue gun. You can decorate the table with a “bowl” – actually a bottle cap filled with glass beads.

DIY coffee table for dollhouse from tea candles

First glue the two tea candles together and let it dry. They will form the pillar on which you will attach the tabletop later.

DIY coffee table for dollhouse tea candles easy crafts

Now place the can lid on the tea candles table base and fix with the hot glue gun. We recommend to a use a file or sandpaper to make the sharp edges safer. Optionally, you can use a plastic can lid for safety.

DIY coffee table for dollhouse tea candles can lid decorative bowl

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – How to make a sofa from a sponge

DIY sofa and coffee table for dollhouse tea candles sponge

A living room needs a sofa where your favorite doll can relax. For the next craft project you need the following materials:

a sponge,



hot glue gun.

DIY Furniture for dollhouse sofa from sponge and felt


Wrap the sponge with the felt and glue the ends of the fabric together. Cut out a detail from the cardboard for the backrest. If you wish, you can paint it or decorate it with wrapping paper. Secure the cardboard detail with the hot glue gun. Finished!

DIY Dollhouse accessories – how to make a felt rug

dollhouse living room accessoeries DIY area rug from felt

A round rug made of felt adds the finishing touches to the living room and completes the furnishings in the lounge area. Draw a circle on the felt using a compasses and a pencil, cut it out and position it in front of the sofa.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make wardrobe from a box

easy craft ideas how to make dollhouse wardrobe

Barbie clothes, handbags and trousers cannot just be everywhere in the house. Barbie urgently needs a large wardrobe! For the wardrobe you need the following materials:

a cardboard box,

cardboard in different colors,

hot glue gun,


paper clip

glass beads.

a pair of wire-cutters,

a pencil,

a ruler.

how to make dollhouse wardrobe easy craft ideas tutorial

Follow the photo tutorial above step by step.

DIY clothes hangers wardrobe for dollhouse ideas

When the wardrobe is done, bend the paper clip with the wire-cutters so that it looks like a small hanger.

DIY paper clips clothes hangers dollhouse wardrobe

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make a Barbie bed

DIY furniture for dollhouse how to make a bed

When Barbie goes to bed in the evening, she needs a comfortable bed. We’ll show you how to make one out of a cardboard box. You need

cardboard box (for example, rice pack),


colorful wrapping paper,


3 wooden sticks,

hot glue gun.

DIY dollhouse furniture ideas easy crafts make a bed


Glue colored wrapping paper on the sides of the box.

Glue a piece of pink felt (it will serve as a bed sheet for Barbie) on the upper side.

Cut out the headboard from cardboard, stabilize with the wooden sticks and secure with the hot glue gun. Use a piece of yellow felt as a blanket.

DIY dollhouse furniture Barbie bed

To be as comfortable as possible, Barbie needs a pillow. You can make one very quickly from felt and cotton pads. You need:

a small square piece of felt,

2-3 cotton pads,

sewing thread,

a needle,


Furniture for dollhouse bed pillow

Fold the cotton pads in two and use them as a “filling” for the pillow. Then sew the ends of the square piece of felt together.

DIY Dollhouse furniture ideas – how to make a dining table and chairs

Furniture for dollhouse table chairs from plastic cups

In this cozy dining room Barbie can spend the evening with her friends while having dinner. Decorated with colorful pictures on the walls, cozy house plants and a high-pile carpet made of paper napkin, the room is cozy and inviting. Only the dining table and the chairs are missing.

DIY dollhouse chairs and table

For the dining table you need:

 a CD,

pink cardboard,

a transparent plastic cup,


a pencil,

hot glue gun.


Use the CD as a template and cut a circle out of the cardboard. Glue the pink circle on the CD and let it dry.

DIY dollhouse furniture plastic cup table

Glue the plastic cup and the CD together (see photo above).

DIY dollhouse chairs from plastic cups

For the four chairs you need four plastic cups, pink felt, scissors and a hot glue gun. Follow the photo tutorial above.

DIY dollhouse chairs and table


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