Does jade roller remove wrinkles? Fact or Foe?

by Leanne Edwards

Even though the art of jade rolling has been around for decades, it’s becoming seemingly more popular in recent times. The trendy, back from the past beauty product can now be found in more than half of peoples’ make-up collections and plays a staple part in everyday beauty routines. So, If you have ever wondered whether it’s worth the hype and to find out does jade roller remove wrinkles, then continue reading to get the low down!

Firstly, what on earth is a jade roller?!

does jade roller remove wrinkles tips and tricks

Intrigued and confused at the same time, well you’re not on your own? Jade rollers are in fact something that has been around for quite some time. Dating back to China and the seventh century, these rollers are highly popular when it comes to smoothing out the skin and accelerating an overall clearer appearance, not to mention increasing the blood flow, promoting lymphatic flow and reducing that stubborn inflammation around the eyes, nose and cheeks area.

What does a jade roller do ?

Jade rollers are very easy and simple to use, requiring minimum effort. Even just 5 minutes in the morning before applying your standard facial products, can do wonders for your appearance, all whilst giving yourself a little pampering at the same time! For the most effective results, the jade roller should be used by applying slight pressure to the skin in smooth up and down motions upon the forehead, eyes area and jawline, pushing the skin towards the outline of the face. Jade rollers have been proven to help remove dark circles, blemishes and assist in regaining cells. Another great thing about this nifty, little gadget is that they can be chilled in the refrigerator to provide a cooling effect during the procedure.

Does jade roller remove wrinkles?

 Facial massage for mature skin


These face roller can be seen everywhere more recently, from social media to headlines and some may think they provide an inexpensive cure to natures way of life – wrinkles. However, even down to their vast array of cosmetic benefits, there is no scientifically proven evidence that your wrinkles or crows feet will magically disappear. Although this may come as saddening news to some, on the contrary, the jade roller can be seen to have an effect on the skin. Starting from the very first few minutes, it minimizes puffiness and allows the blood flow to work as it should, giving you a healthy glow.

Which jade roller stone is best ?

jade roller benefits does jade roller remove wrinkles

There are four main types of jade rollers to know about, bear in mind all skin types are different:

Jade: Irritable, inflamed skin? Then this is the one for you. It is well known for its benefits regarding skin elasticity and getting the blood pumping.

Amethyst: The Amethyst stone is thought to calm your skin and reduce stressful looking tones. It’s thought to fight pimples before arrival in acne prone skin.

Blue Soladite: Perfect for assuming a healthy skin balance and glow. The Blue Solidate knows how to retain great hydration, so even if you’re having trouble drinking enough fluids, this little tool will help you out!

Rose Quartz: Known to be a more emotional healer, it can help with detoxification and overall calm disposition of the skin.

So, when to use jade roller in skincare routine ?

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Advisably, the best time to embark on taking up the “jade-roller practice” would be twice daily, once as a part of your morning and evening self-care routine. But it can also be used as a soothing reward during the work day. It’s also thought that applying your favourite facial oil, cream or toner before giving your face a massage, increases the chances of it being absorbed more affectively. Thus leaving you with even softer, well-maintained skin.

Take care of me, so I can take care of you!


Keeping your jade roller clean is no hassle at all, it just needs to be wiped down gently with a lightly dampened towel after each use to keep it spick and span. Baring in mind, dropping your roller will damage it and more than likely crack the crystals inside. This will prevent you from seeing the desired results over time, so make sure to always handle with care!

Finally, Is this just a waste of time?

what does a jade roller do and why

As with many advertised items whether it’s online, on the socials or in your favourite magazines, you may not feel entirely sure that this isn’t just a huge waste of money. With the jade roller being effective, affordable and suited to all peoples pockets, it is definitely worth a try. It will most surely prove it’s self worthy of having a permanent place in your beauty bag or on your dressing table.

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