Dopamine Dressing 2023 – This Is How to Nail the Mood Boosting Style This Summer

by Kremy

Dopamine dressing 2023 is a continuation of one of the biggest street fashion trends that appeared last year and is definitely here to stay! How to nail the mood boosting style this summer? Can clothes really make you happier? Find out the best outfit ideas for the summer and tips for super cool outfits!

What Is Dopamine Dressing?

dopamine dressing 2023 this is how to nail the mood boosting style this summer

The term “dopamine fashion” refers to a trend whose essence is to use bright clothes to provoke the release of dopamine, the hormone of happiness. The first dopamine dressing ideas appeared during the Covid quarantine in 2022 and the trend appeared on social networks. The term dopamine dressing was invented by Dr. Dawnn Karen who is a fashion psychologist and promotes the idea that people can boost their mood and happiness with clothing.

what is dopamine fashion trend


Those who follow the latest fashion trends will see a connection between color blocking and dopamine dressing. Very often the combinations of contrasting colors echo the color blocking trend. Dopamine fashion is aimed at our mental well-being, self-confidence and yes – happiness.

How to Style a Dopamine Outfit This Summer?

how to style a dopamine outfit this summer

Do you know what’s the best thing about dopamine dressing trend? That there are no rules whatsoever! There is no right and wrong, there is no good and bad! If there is a street style trend that allows you to wear clothes in super saturated colors, to make bold combinations and be happy – that’s dopamine fashion! If you want to wear bright pink and combine with orange – just do it! Green and blue? No, problem! You love purple and pink? Then go for it!

Dopamine Dressing 2023 – Summer Outfits Ideas to Nail the Fashion Trend!

what is dopamine dressing

How does color affect the hormone of happiness? It is a fact that colors evoke associations. For example, yellow and orange are associated with warmth, sunshine, summer, so they cause a burst of energy. A playful mood can be created with fuchsia or electric blue while green color is associated with nature, new life and beginning.

dopamine dressing 2023 summer outfits ideas to nail the fashion trend

Are dopamine colors too bold for you? How to style a dopamine outfit then? The easiest way is to choose colors to which you are attracted subconsciously. If you are not certain if these colors are suitable for you, start with something small – a handbag or a scarf, for example. They will make your look more vibrant and livelier. Try a monochromatic outfit – a dress or pants suit and add one bright accent. If you’re unsure of any color combinations, take inspiration from our ideas below!

Dopamine Dressing 2023 – Eye Catching Summer Dresses

dopamine dressing 2023 eye catching summer dresses

Is there a connection between clothes in vibrant colors and the happiness hormone? It is more than obvious that there is. Dopamine dressing 2023 aims at fighting depression and bringing more color and emotions in our lives. Beautiful, eye catching summer dresses are the perfect outfit for the warm days!

Pants Suits in Bright Colors – A Trendy Office Outfit

pants suits in bright colors summer fashion 2023

Do you need an office outfit for the summer? Wide leg pants are super trendy and perfect for a working day. Pants suits in dopamine colors are a great option for a semi-formal event as well. You will look stylish and elegant but in your own unique way!

Add Floral Prints to Your Summer Outfits

add floral prints to your summer outfits summer dopamine dressing ideas

A blooming garden always makes us feel happy. Summer is the best time to wear floral prints, don’t you agree? Just choose a color that makes you happy to double the effect!

Combine Bold Colors

dopamine fashion trend 2023 combine bold colors

Do not be afraid to combine three bright colors in one outfit. Combine complementary colors. They are at different ends of the color spectrum, so one color makes the other richer and more noticeable. Here are some successful combinations:

  • Red, yellow and blue;
  • Purple, green and orange;
  • Bright green, fuchsia and soft pink.

Think About Shoes and Accessories

dopamine dressing 2023 accessories

Shoes, bags and accessories complement any outfit. Dopamine dressing 2023 trend features accents and accessories in almost any color that you choose. Do you remember – the style has no rules! Only you decide what works for you so dress for happiness! Isn’t this what summer fashion is all about, right?


Purple pants suit and nude high heel shoes

purple pants suit and nude high heel shoes how to dress for happiness

Dopamine Dressing for a Romantic Look: Blue Summer Dress with Puff Sleeves

blue dress with puff sleeves street fashion 2023 summer

A Trendy Maxi Skirt and Matching Top

bright orange maxi skirt and matching top

Street Fashion Trend: Light Green Pants Suit and Orange Accessories

dopamine fashion trend green pants suid and orange bag

A Beautiful Dress with Ombre Effect

fashionable dresses dopamine style 2023

This Orange and Green Color Combination Looks Super Fresh

dopamine dressing ideas summer outfits orange and green color combination

Stylish One Shoulder Dress with a Cut at the Waistline

dopamine dresses summer 2023 outfit ideas

Bold Color Combinations Are Typical for Dopamine Dressing

bold color combinations are typical for dopamine dressing

Fresh and Stylish Office Outfit Idea

dopamine dressing trend an office outfit idea


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