Epoxy grout vs cement grout – What type should you use?

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Epoxy grout vs cement grout – which one is better and how to choose between the two types? With a few exceptions, tile grout is usually in the form of powder or paste and mixed with liquid to a thick mixture used to fill the joints between tiles, protecting, supporting and framing their edges. It also prevents water penetrating into the joints. It significantly adds to the appearance and the lifespan of your tiles and different types are suitable for different applications.

Epoxy grout vs cement grout – basic features of epoxy

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Epoxy grout contains epoxy resin, hardener and pigments that make the joints dense, mechanically stable, more water-resistant and resistant to chemicals. It is considered to be the most durable of all types. It is a great choice for areas with high moisture levels like bathrooms and kitchens. According to customers’ reviews epoxy grout is hard to beat as it does not stain, t is resistant to temperature changes and mechanical damage.

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Modern two-component epoxy grouts consist of a resin and hardener and the market offers both sanded and un-sanded varieties available in a broad range of colors. The fact is that it is more difficult to work with it because when the two components are combined a chemical reaction begins and the time for applying the grout is limited. After the epoxy grout sets it is very hard to use it. Nowadays jointing mortars contain detergents which improve the working yet if you are a beginner in DIY projects, it is better to choose an alternative type. Keep in mind that epoxy jointing mortart can discolor porous surfaces like limestone so before grouting the surface should be sealed. If the tile surface is glazed, there is no such problem.

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Epoxy grout vs cement grout – epoxy jointing mortar is the perfect choice for kitchen counters, backsplashes, floors or any other heavy-traffic areas. It is more expensive and more difficult to apply but with time it is a worthy investment.

Epoxy grout vs cement grout – basic features of cement type

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When comparing epoxy grout vs cement grout we have to understand that these are completely different materials with different characteristics. Cement grout or cement based grout, as the name implies, consist of cement mixture and additives. It is mixed with water to form a paste. The simple cement based type is suitable to apply on joints less than 3-5 mm but the manufacturer’s instructions should advise the joint width.

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Cement based jointing mortar is the most common type and comes in a wide color choice. It is easily applied, suitable for beginners, and easily cleaned. Once applied, you need a clean cloth to wipe the excess grout from the tile surface. It is cheap, available in any store and easy to work with.

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One of the major drawbacks of cement grouts is the porosity which means that it is not resistant to staining and bacterial growth. You need to know that cement based jointing mortars vary in quality and low quality may dry uneven or blotchy. This grout has to be sealed to prevent from staining and mildew growth. Cement based one is brittle and with time it may crack and flake. When not properly mixed the color consistency is poor and may affect the final look of the tiled surface. Cement grout is widely used in almost any residential area – it is suitable for tiles in the bathroom, on the kitchen floor as well as on the floors and on the walls in public areas.

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