Exposed brick wall in living rooms – homes with fantastic atmosphere

by Kremy

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We will show you how an exposed brick wall in living rooms creates a fantastic atmosphere in modern homes. An interior brick wall, or a whitewashed brick wall, as well as a fireplace, have a special charm of their own and you can see them in almost any design style.

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The interior designers discovered the charm of exposed brick wall in a living room with the transformation of loft apartments. And indeed – a brick wall is an integral part of the industrial style. Exposed brick walls work very well with Scandinavian style, rustic, country and Provence, minimalism, and even with the romantic and tender Shabby Chic. But, of course, it looks most natural in industrial style which is logical as this style was born as a result of the attempt to transform industrial premises into residential without additional finishing. Leaving your brick wall in the living room not only saves additional costs for materials, but also efforts. Brick walls easily withstand frequent changes in temperature, they are fire resistant and also very easy to maintain.


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An exposed brick wall in living rooms is a strong interior accent. Many people prefer to leave the bricks untreated and enjoy their natural beauty. You can leave your brick wall as it is or artificially age the bricks for more authentic look. If you prefer to blend the wall into the interior you can use paint and paint the brick wall to match the rest of the walls so that it does not stand out. A paint in a contrasting color, on the contrary, will highlight the brick wall, and will draw the attention to it. Some styles, like Scandinavian style, require painting textural elements, including the brick wall in white, but again, this would entirely depend on the personal choice of the homeowner.


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