Fairy garden plans and decor ideas – create a magical backyard

by Kremy


Fairy garden plans come in a wide variety. A fairy garden can be as little as a flower pot and as big as you wish. There is only one condition to create a fascinating fairy garden – you have to believe in fairies… or at least your children have to believe in them. Being a parent you may have had to answer the question – where do fairies live? What could be more magical if fairies lived in your own home?


Fairy garden plans – an exciting experience for children of all ages


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We will show you some enchanting ideas and fairy garden plans to get you inspired. Fantastic miniature gardens and fairy landscapes with cute tiny houses, plants, trees, paths, can help you create a mini world full of magic inhabited by fairies, gnomes and elves. Children would love such a fun project and will come up with incredible ideas for the arrangement and decoration of the fairy garden. There are endless opportunities and all of them allow you to use your creativity and imagination.


Fairy garden plans – simple steps to create an enchanted garden


Fairy garden plans require some preliminary preparation so that you have a result which will be pleasing not only to the eye of your children but to you as well. The first thing you need to decide is the location of the garden. If you plan to arrange a fairy garden in the backyard, choose a spot under a tree which is accessible to the children. A mini fairy garden can be arranged in a container of any size – a glass jar, a flower pot or a large bowl, an old basket, a wooden box, an aquarium or air plant container, even in an old drawer. Make sure that the container you chose has some drainage holes at the bottom.


Plants and accessories – miniature gardens look much more authentic when arranged with suitable plants. Due to the limitations of a container, it is better to choose herbs, moss or miniature trees. Lavender, oregano, thyme varieties are a good choice or herbs in different colors. When your fairy garden is outdoors, the options are quite many and you can add blooming flowers like pansies, daffodils, daisies, etc.

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The most pleasant and fun part of creating a fairy garden is to arrange the accessories. You can opt for a themed fairy garden, for example a tea party, or Easter themed design, Spring, Christmas or Summer themed decorations. The options are numerous – mini houses, fences, paths of pebbles, pea gravel or sand, a small fairy pond with a bridge, furniture pieces, benches, chairs, tables, rocking chairs, fountains, even lights – nothing is too much. Remember that fairies enjoy comfort and romantic designs, so let your imagination run free! You never know – fairies may really live out there in the enchanted world that you created!







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fairy garden plans fairy garden ideas miniature gardens design

fairy garden plans fairy garden ideas miniature gardens decor




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