How to make a fairy door – cute ideas, materials, tips and tutorial

by Kremy

how to make a fairy door doors accessories

How to make a fairy door? There is no need to wonder about that. Just close your eyes and let your imagination free. Well, if this does not work, ask your children. Kids know where fairies live – in a fairy garden and in magical tiny homes. Although this may sound as a joke to you, it is a fact that fairy doors for the garden are a special and very popular item for young children and a very interesting craft not only for kids, but for moms and dads too.

How to make a fairy door – DIY garden decorating ideas

how to make wooden fairy doors garden decoration ideas


With sprig already here it is about time to think of your garden decoration. The warm weather means that the children will spend more and more time outdoors and if you have a playground or a playhouse in the garden, some magical fairy doors for the garden will add to the outdoor pleasure of the kids. If you have never thought of how to make a fairy door, we have some adorable ideas for opening fairy doors which will be the perfect decoration for the trees and will transform the patio into a Fairyland.

how to make a fairy door tutorial door accessories

Fairy doors for the garden are easy to make and you have the liberty to choose any material. Wooden fairy doors are, of course, the most authentic looking ones, but you can use polymer clay, wooden lollypop sticks, a wood plank or any other material. The fairy door accessories are a must, whether you like it or not, as a true fairy needs a beautifully decorated door to match her magic powers. You don’t believe that? Ask your daughter!

How to make a fairy door – step by step tutorial for crafting wooden ones

garden fairy doors ideas tutorial step by step pictures

Garden fairy doors do not need to be expensive or time consuming. With creativity and imagination you can make magnificent miniatures which will make your children happy and will encourage imaginative play.

how to make a fairy door wooden doors design DIY garden

Here is a list of the materials for crafting a wooden fairy door:

– An oval wooden plate

– Strip of balsa wood

– a small doorknob or a cabinet hardware

– Wood paint in any color (or a wood stain)

– Acrylic paint

– Stencil knife

– Adhesive and wood glue


How to make a fairy door – step by step instructions

wooden doors DIY doors ideas tutorial

How to make a fairy door? Here are some ideas! First you have to cut the wooden plate so that it resembles a door. For a more authentic appearance, the balsa wood strips are perfect as they are thin and soft and the material that can be cut beautifully and easily with a stencil knife. The balsa wood strips will add texture to you wooden fairy door and a genuine look. Use a ruler so that you cut straight lines and the ruler will help you with cutting the strips with same length. If necessary, sand the edges of the strips until smooth.

After you have cut all the elements, glue the balsa wood strips to the wooden plate. Leave a small distance between the individual bars. Paint the wooden door and let the paint dry completely. After that you are ready to add decoration to the fairy door. You will surely find something suitable in the craft store or craft your own fairy door accessories. You can cut out a wooden medallion like the one on the pictures.

Adding a doorknob is the final step for a true fairy door. After your wooden fairy door is completed, you can finally decorate the garden. Find a suitable tree or a larger stone.

Garden fairy doors from lollipop sticks

how to make a fairy door wooden doors ideas

If you wanted to make a child happy, the idea of opening fairy doors is absolutely brilliant. You can craft fairy doors for the garden in a couple of hours using wooden lollipop sticks. All you need is enough sticks, glue, buttons or other fairy door accessories.

how to make a fairy door lollipop sticks DIY garden decor

Glue together the sticks to make the main body of the door. A glue gun is the most suitable tool, as the sticks will be glued immediately. Add reinforcement sticks, two horizontal reinforcements, and one diagonal, for an authentic look. Glue on a plain small button which will act as a doorknob and adorn the door with any kind of fairy door accessories that you like.

Garden fairy doors from modeling clay

how to make a door beautiful doors enchanted garden decor

This is one of the easiest ways to make garden fairy doors and is a cool craft idea for kids. You need modeling clay, a rolling pin, a stencil knife and water color paints.

doors for garden design ideas tutorial pictures

Soften the clay and flatten it with the help of the rolling pin. Outline the desired door size and cut it with the stencil knife. Leave the door to dry out and it can be painted in any color. After the paint has dried out completely, decorate the door with leaves (you can make them from the clay) or other accessories.

Fairy doors for the garden – the perfect gift

how to make a door doors for the garden door accessories

Fairy doors for the garden can be crafted in any style to match the landscape style of the garden. There is no doubt that fairy doors are very romantic and a very original garden decoration. A great idea to extend the project is to add windows, a beautiful path, a chimney or a mailbox for even more charm. Decorating with plants – a nice garden path of tile or stone pieces, a small front garden with flowers, moss or other plants is also a good idea and makes the decorated area look even prettier.

Fairy door accessories ideas for a magical garden look

wooden door ideas how to make a fairy door tutorials

Besides leaves, flowers or medallions, you can use different fairy door accessories which will complement the overall look and will add the finishing touches of your fairy home. Benches, lights, a miniature pond, a bridge or whatever else that comes to mind will complete the design.

awesome wooden fairy doors garden decorating ideas

You can see – there are no limits and rules. There are ideas suitable for children, for beginners in DIY projects and for people with improved craft skills. Just have fun while crafting your magical fairy garden doors!

original wooden doors DIY doors for garden ideas

how to make wooden doors easy crafts ideas

how to make a door tutorial step by step wooden doors

how to make a door secret doors garden path bridge DIY garden decor

how to make a door easy wooden doors ideas cool crafts

how to make a door DIY garden decor door accessories

doors for the garden wooden tutorial pictures

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