Fall Chrome Nails 2023 – 15 Edgy Designs That Will Get You in the Mood for Spooky Season!

by Stephanie Yankova

Autumn is officially here, and we’re ready to give one of our favorite nail trends of the year a seasonal makeover! Dark, edgy, and nothing short of fabulous – these fall chrome nails ideas are the only accessory you’re going to need this spooky season! Get in the witchy spirit and pick your favorite design to copy today! 

Fall Chrome Nails 2023

mismatched different colors chrome french tips fall nail design ideas 2023

This will probably come as no surprise to you, but French tips are undoubtedly the biggest nail trend of 2023. And no, I don’t mean the classic white-tip French manicure, I mean over-the-top, abstract, colorful iterations that take creativity to the next level to create unique captivating designs! And since we’re on the topic of bold and edgy, why not add some chrome to the mix, as well?

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Dark Aura Nails with Silver Chrome Decorations

black burgundy aura nails silver chrome decorations fall manicure ideas 2023


Have you heard about aura nails? Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen the design! What’s so great about it is that it allows for endless color combinations which makes it so easy to adapt to the moody nature of autumn. If the black and burgundy ombre isn’t scratching the itch, and you want something a bit bolder, you can decorate on top of it with some edgy silver chrome cyber sigils!

Short Copper Chrome Nails

minimalist copper chrome fall nails design

The soft orange and red hues of the copper chrome nail polish are the perfect addition to your autumn attire! They’re bold yet elegant which also makes them perfectly suitable for a Halloween-themed manicure!

Chocolate Brown Chrome Nails

chocolate brown chrome nails long almond manicure autumn 2023

Chocolate brown is a classic fall/winter nail polish shade that gives off a mysterious yet classy vibe. To elevate this stunning shade even further, try rubbing chrome powder on top! This will add a unique touch to your nails and make them stand out from the ordinary fall-themed monochromatic manicures.

Long Stiletto Red Chrome Nails

red chrome long stiletto nails fall 2023

While Doja Cat is painting the town red, we’re going to paint our nails because red nail polish is not only a classic – it’s fall 2023’s trendiest color! To make it Halloween-appropriate, give it a little twist by adding a chrome powder finish and watch the elegant red turn into an alluring femme fatale set of claws!

Red Chrome French Tips

red chrome french tips fall nails design 2023

If the full-on red chrome set is a bit too much for you, but you still want to incorporate this shade into a seasonal nail design, this option is still a stunning choice! The mismatched design draws in attention and the red chrome gives your nails an edge and strong character that will instantly boost your confidence!

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More Fall Chrome Nail Design to Copy

dark holographic chrome nails autumn manicure trends 2023.jpg

Matte Velvet Purple Chrome Nails

matte velvet purple chrome nails fall 2023

Dark Gray Fall Chrome Nails

dark gray chrome long almond fall nails trend 2023

Matte Chocolate Brown Nails with Rose Gold Chrome

matte chocolate brown rose gold chrome fall nails trends

Matte Black Long Stiletto Nails with a Purple Chrome Accent

matte black stiletto manicure purple chrome fall nails design 2023

Chic Black Chrome Fall Nails

chic edgy black chrome short almond nails fall 2023

Matte Silver Chrome Nails Fall 2023

silver matte velvet chrome nails fall 2023 manicure trends

Short Square Navy Blue Chrome Nails

navy blue short square chrome nails fall manicure trends

Mystical Dark Purple Chrome Nails

dark purple chrome trendy fall nails design



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