Fall in Love with 20 Fabulous Fall Coffin Nails Designs This 2023

by Kristiyana

Summer is soon coming to an end, and you are looking for a new manicure design to welcome fall with? Maybe something that will put the spotlight on your coffin nail shape? Here are 20 fabulous fall coffin nails designs you must try in 2023! 

Fabulous Fall Coffin Nails Designs to Welcome the New Season

fall coffin nails fall coffin nails 2023

Some of you might be sad that the season of tanned skin, blonde highlights and no makeup makeup looks is starting to drift from us, but this isn’t something to mope about, but rather celebrate! Just think about it. Salted caramel pumpkin lattes, colourful fall leaves, Halloween decorations, and don’t get me started on those fall fashion trends! Fall has always been my favourite season, that’s why today I am sharing with you 20 fabulous fall coffin nails designs to welcome the most beautiful time of the year with style!

Who Should Get Coffin Nails?

Unfortunately, not everyone can pull off the coffin/ballerina nail shape. This shape would work best for people who have naturally strong and long nails. If your nails are weak, chances are that the coffin shape won’t hold for long and your nails will easily chip or break. You can watch an easy video tutorial on how to file the coffin/ballerina shape correctly.

French Tip Polka Dot Fall Coffin Nails

brown nude polka dot fall nails autumn french tip coffin nails


If you enjoyed wearing your summer French nails design in 2023, now is the time to switch it up to fall French tips! Opt for fall colours like brown, orange, burgundy and include white to further emphasize your manicure. The polka dots are just adorable, wouldn’t you agree?

Fall Colors Coffin Nails with Glitter

fall colors coffin nails fall coffin nails shape

Looking forward to a special occasion this fall 2023? Then I think a coffin-shaped mani in classic fall colors like nude pink, brown, orange and with a touch of glitter is just what your nails need to make you stand out. You can have most of your nails done with a matte top coat, and leave one glossy as an accent.

Simple Fall Coffin Nails Design

fall colors coffin nails simple fall coffin nails

Or maybe you prefer more subtle, and elegant designs? Even tough the coffin/ballerina nail shape is hard not to notice, if you want something more simple for your new fall manicure, this colorful mani can be just what you are looking for.

Brown Fall Coffin Nails 2023

brown fall coffin nails long fall coffin nails

Love brown fall nails designs? I hear ya. Some might think that brown is boring as a manicure color, but if you do it right, you can achieve a mesmerizing nail design worthy of envy. Just look at these amazing glossy brown coffin nails. And they pair so seamlessly with gold jewellery!

Coffin Manicure with Fall Leaves

cute fall coffin nails fall coffin nails shape

We can’t have an article about trendy fall manicure designs, without including a bit of colourful fall leaves here and there now, can we? It would be a disgrace to fall nail designs all around the world. For fall 2023, don’t forget to try a mani with these beautiful gold specs and maple leaves accents.

More Fabulous Fall Coffin Nails to Welcome the New Season

marble nails marble autumn coffin nails

Elegant fall coffin nails with glitter

fall coffin nails 2023 fall coffin nails with glitter

French tip brown fall coffin manicure

french fall manicure brown fall coffin nails

Fall pink coffin nails with glitter

purple fall coffin nails pink coffin nails

Geometric white & brown French tips

brown fall coffin nails french tip fall coffin nails

Cute fall coffin nails design 2023

cute fall coffin nails fall colors coffin nails

Simple dark burgundy matte fall nails

simple fall coffin nails fall matte coffin nails

Black abstract French tips for fall

black fall coffin nails nude pink fall coffin nails

Brown fall coffin nails with sweater accent

autumn coffin nails fall coffin nails designs

French tips fall colors coffin nails

fall coffin nails short fall colors coffin nails

Nude matte nails with gold fall leaves

beige fall coffin nails autumn nails with leaves

Brown swirly French tips fall manicure

fall coffin nails short fall coffin nails designs

Fabulous fall coffin nails with glitter

autumn coffin nails classy fall coffin nails

Nude fall colors coffin nails design

fall coffin nails designs autumn coffin nails designs

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