Fashion basics for women: The 80/20 styling rule is the new fashion trend 2022 that we are dressing according to!

by Kremy

The closet is stuffed full of clothes, pants, shirts, etc. and we still don’t know what we want to wear – does this scenario sound familiar to you? As women, we love to shop and of course we want to own all the trend pieces of the season. How many pieces of clothing do you have that have been sitting in your closet untouched for months and you have never worn them? Fashion trends come and go, but there are some fashion basics for women that should not be missing in any wardrobe and form the basis of every fashionable look. With an intelligent math formula, the morning frustration will finally be over! The 80/20 styling rule is the last fashion trend of 2022 that all fashionistas dress according to. Haven’t heard of it yet?

What’s the 80/20 styling rule?

80 20 styling rule fashion trend 2022

A full closet and yet we have nothing to wear – this cliché makes us smile every day. A few trend pieces are needed, but a manageable selection of fashion basics that reflect our style should solve this problem once and for all. And this is exactly where the 80/20 styling rule comes as a fashion trend. This is a super smart closet plan that will make getting dressed in the morning fun again. The numbers mean two percentages that represent the right proportions of clothing items.

Wardrobe minimalist design 80 20 styling rule fashion trend 2022


According to the 80/20 styling rule, our wardrobe should consist of 80% fashion basics, leaving the remaining 20% free for impulse purchases and trend pieces. Okay, but how is this implemented in everyday life? It’s similar to grocery shopping. If you make a list beforehand and know what you need, you won’t spend money on things that aren’t necessary. The first thing you should do is set a monthly amount that you want to spend. And then it applies: 80% of the money is only spent on sustainable and basic parts. These include, for example, classic jeans, plain-colored T-shirts or elegant trousers for the office.

fashion basics women combine white sneakers with dress

And now comes the part we enjoy the most: The remaining 20% is yours to spend as you please. Do you already have 20 midi dresses in your closet and have only worn half of them, but you have found a particularly great model? Then let’s go! Over time, this results in a fairly well-equipped wardrobe with fashion basics and trend pieces, which together always result in a cool and modern outfit.

These Fashion Basics for Women Should Not Be Missing in Any Closet

Fashion Basics Women 80 20 Styling Rule Minimalist Wardrobe Tips

The 80/20 styling rule is an excellent way to cleverly organize our closet. After all, minimalism is trendy – and this motto is valid when it comes to fashion as well. The more clothes we have, the more difficult it is to put together the perfect look. Timeless fashion basics last from season to season and with that we can easily create great outfits for absolutely every occasion. After all, a combination of a white shirt and jeans is a stylish combination that really always works, right? So that you can implement the 80/20 styling rule, we will show you the absolute fashion basics that each of us should have.

Quality Jeans

Fashion basics for women 80 20 styling rule explained


Fashion trends change – denim is a timeless classic that will probably never go out of style. Whether with high heels and blouse for the office or casual with sneakers in everyday life – jeans can be styled wonderfully for absolutely any occasion and are definitely one of the most important fashion basics for women. However, with so many models, cuts and styles to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans. It is best to opt for classic models without any embellishments and decorations that flatter your figure and optimally showcase your shape. It doesn’t always have to be the classic skinny jeans – mom jeans or straight leg jeans are also timeless classics and can be combined in a variety of ways.

80/20 Styling Rule – Fabric Trousers

fashion basics women fabric trousers

Especially in the summer heat, trousers are an excellent and modern alternative to jeans. Instead of following the latest trouser trends, rely on models that best underline your own style. Whether chinos, airy culottes or chic Marlene trousers – the selection is huge and high-quality, elegant fabric trousers should not be missing in any wardrobe. With a blazer you have the perfect summer business outfit. With a cool crop top, on the other hand, you are perfectly dressed for a wild disco night.

Solid Color T-shirts are Absolute Fashion Basics for Women

white t shirt combination fashion trend 80 20 styling rule

Sometimes in a style break with a midi skirt, under a slip dress or with casual jeans in everyday life – plain-colored T-shirts are real all-rounders and are therefore among the most important fashion basics that should not be missing in any wardrobe. To successfully implement the 80/20 styling rule, it is best to invest in several T-shirts in different colors and to use high-quality fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Elegant Shirts

Summer business outfit women 80 20 styling rule

Classic shirts can be combined in many different ways and are another absolute must-have for every wardrobe. Above all, neutral colors like beige, black and white will never go out of style and always ensure an elegant look. Shirts with different patterns or in soft pastel colors, on the other hand, put you in a good mood and are a welcome addition to a fashionable wardrobe.

Midi Dresses As a Fashion Trend

Fashion Basics Women Maxi Dresses Trend Summer 2022

Even with the 80/20 styling rule, we don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style and only fill our closet with jeans and t-shirts. Just put it on and we’re already super styled – midi dresses are a timeless classic that is reinvented again and again from year to year. The trendy pieces can be worn for absolutely any occasion and are always a great eye-catcher. Plain, floral, denim, or shirt dresses, midi dresses come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every taste and style. According to the 80/20 styling rules, however, you should opt for a model that flatters your figure.

Leather Jackets as Fashion Basics for Women

what is 80 20 styling rule leather jacket fashion trend 2022

Chic, comfortable and very versatile – of course, leather jackets should not be missing from our list of the most important fashion basics for women. The timeless classic gives even the simplest outfit a cool, rocking touch. Especially in combination with feminine dresses and skirts, leather jackets provide a modern look that immediately catches the eye. In order to enjoy it for a long time, it is best to choose a high quality piece. These are not cheap, but the investment is worth it.

80/20 styling rule – Elegant Derby Shoes for Women

minimalist wardrobe trend 80 20 styling rule

While we love chic platform sandals, they’re not really appropriate for everyday wear. Sneakers are also too sporty and out of place for some occasions. This year’s shoe trends are a lot of fun – that’s for sure. However, there are also some timeless classics in shoes that survive every trend wave and hold up bravely. Comfortable, chic and very elegant – Derby shoes for women never let us down and are undoubtedly one of the most chic fashion basics for women. The noble lace-up shoes can be combined with absolutely everything and give our outfits a noble touch. Whether with jeans, a pleated skirt or office outfit – derby shoes always work.

Fashion Basics Women 80 20 Styling Rules Wardrobe


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