Finger Food for Kids Birthday – 10 delicious ideas and easy recipes

by Kremy


kids birthday party with delicious treats on the table

Finger food for kids recipes should be quick and easy, but it’s often more complicated than we imagine. For example, if you make sandwiches, there will always be a kid who does not like the filling. If you have opted for pizza, you also do not know exactly if it will suit all tastes. However, if you prepare a huge plate of colorful vegetable sticks, you will provide a healthy portion finger food suitable for children. If you are planning a kid’s birthday party and are looking for simple recipe ideas, then you are in the right place. Serve familiar food in a new way for your child’s party. Here are some super cool ideas for a fun party finger food.

Quick and easy Finger food for kids recipes for a birthday party

prepare savory or sweet finger food for kids party


Is your child a fussy eater and would you do anything to prevent the mess your little sweetheart is doing at the dining table? If your answer is a clear “yes,” try to prepare the right finger food for kids. Most parents agree that children are surly eaters. If you feed your little ones with difficulty, it can lead to refusal to eat certain foods. It can also result in certain eating disorders. To help your children develop healthy eating habits, they should be eating on their own at an early age.

fruit skewers with cheese and grapes

Although finger food is best for a meal in the car or at parties, it can also be served for lunch or dinner. Prepare some quick, easy and appetizing snacks that you can easily serve on the table. Kids finger food is also a good idea for dinner parties. If your little ones are fans of mashed potatoes, pasta or rice, you can offer them healthy vegetables in between. These are also easy to eat. If your child hates eating fruit slices, try fruit skewers or fruit on a stick. Whatever the name may be, your child will eat healthily.

ice cream cones filled with fruit strawberry raspberry peaches

That is why we’ve put together a list of tasty finger food for kids that you can prepare yourself at home so your little ones can eat happily without complaining. Whether you are sitting around the table or looking for self-service ideas, our suggestions will give you plenty of inspiration to create both sweet and hearty kids finger food. There are some clever choices for homemade treats without baking, quick cheesecake in a glass and some healthier options. So here are our 10 simple recipes for homemade finger food for kids birthday.

Easy finger food for kids recipes – Peanut butter with banana, apples and chocolate

finger food for kids peanut butter banana with apples

To make the first easy appetizer recipe, you will need two bananas and two apples. Slice the fruits and place them on a plate covered with a fun patterned napkin suitable for a child’s birthday. Spread peanut butter on each piece of fruit with a knife and finally sprinkle with chocolate shavings. That’s it, nothing complicated!

Fruit platter and fruit skewers as children’s finger food

fruit salad fruit skewers kids finger food recipes

Fruit skewers offer a real colorful fairy on the festive table. First cut a melon into pieces as shown in the video above. Use other fruits as well. Depending on the season, you can opt for plums, strawberries and peaches, cut them into into halves and slices to make the plate even more colorful for the kids. Finally sprinkle the fruit plate with small fruits like blueberries or raspberries.

Vegetable skewers with ham and cheese – an easy finger food recipe that kids will love!

children party finger food for kids ideas cucumber with ham cheese skewers

For this recipe you need just a few ingredients, such as various meat cuts, cheeses to taste and crunchy vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. The kids will be able to grab it quickly and snacking can begin. Simply thread rolled cheese and ham slices on toothpicks and then add vegetables.

Cheesecake in a glass

cheesecake in glass party food for children

For this children’s finger food recipe you must first crush a packet of cookies in a bag with a tablespoon. Then cut some strawberries, add a spoonful of two teaspoons of powdered sugar in a bowl and stir. Then mix about 250 g Skyr with two spoons of powdered sugar. Finally, assemble the cheesecake – first add a tablespoon of the crushed cookies and skyr into each glass and top with the strawberries.

Kids finger food – creative vegetable caterpillars

party food ideas for kids vegetable sticks with dip celery caterpillar

These healthy snacks for children can also be prepared quickly and easily. First cut some celery stalks in half to make the desired amount of vegetable sticks. Then fill each celery stick with cottage cheese. Use a fruit knife to shape heads and eyes from cherry tomatoes, cheese and olives, which you then attach to the sticks. From this, various interesting animals can be shaped, such as butterflies and beetles.

Tortilla chips with cheese and salsa dip

tortilla chips salsa dip with cheese in glass

This tasty finger food is of course also suitable for adults, because it will taste good to everyone. First, add salsa sauce to the cups as a dip and then put in some tortilla chips. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve the finger food on a plate.

Stuffed eggs with cottage cheese and egg yolk

stuffed eggs with cottage cheese finger food for children

First cut the boiled eggs into halves and remove the egg yolk. Cut a small piece from the egg white bottom so that the protein-rich bites can stand straight in the plate. Mix the egg yolks with cottage cheese and fill the egg whites with a spoon.

Kids finger food – vegetable strips

Children party finger food vegetable sticks carrot cucumber pepper

For the next healthy party snack, you will need some carrots. Peel the carrots, cut in half and cut into strips. Do the same with a cucumber and a green and red pepper. Then arrange everything on a turntable and garnish with a dip of your choice or lemon juice.

Bruschettas with cream cheese decorated with olives

Bruschettas with cream cheese and olives

For this simple kids finger food recipe, you just have to cut a baguette into slices. To make this easy-to-enjoy appetizer recipe, smear cream cheese on every slice. Finally, decorate with chopped black olives by creating various playful shapes like smiling faces, for example.

Caramelized marshmallow biscuits

caramelized marshmallow cookies and banana for kids party finger food ideas

We will end with a fun dessert which is super original and easy to prepare. Place cookies on a kitchen tray and cover them with a thin slice of banana followed by a marshmallow. Finally, use a kitchen torch to achieve the caramel effect!



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