Eye catching symmetrical tattoo ideas and design tips

by Kremy

symmetrical arm tattoos tribal style forearm ideas

A tattoo emphasizes the person’s individuality. Some people prefer a beautiful design and the meaning is not so important to them while others prefer images with deep symbolism and personal importance. One of the most interesting and intriguing images are symmetrical tattoo ideas which gain more and more popularity. We have selected some of the most eye catching design ideas which can be an inspiration for you!

Symmetrical tattoo ideas and where to place them on the body?

original tattoo design for women chest


Before looking and motifs, images, styles and techniques, we have to answer the question what a symmetrical tattoo is. As the name suggests this is an image that mirrors itself or the chose patterns create a symmetrical effect. The tattoo will be incomplete without the other part.

There are different types of symmetrical tattoos and they can be divided into three large groups.

  • Symmetrical tattoo ideas for couples, friends, siblings or family members are designed as separate halves and the image is complete when the two persons join their hands, legs, arms, etc.
  • Symmetrical tattoo ideas designed as mirror images and applied to forearms, legs, hands of one person.
  • The third group includes identical images applied symmetrically on thighs, legs, arms, clavicle, back, etc.

symmetrical tattoo design ideas for men and women

Symmetry is relevant for complex ornaments and paired tattoos. These designs look sophisticated and harmonious and when done by an experienced artist, the high skill level and quality are the distinctive features of these tattoos. The main idea is that the image is a symbol of the unity of body and mind of people.

What are the best places to apply such tattoos? Naturally, people have different preferences and depending on the particular design and size of the image it can be applied on the chest, abdomen, feet or hands, lower legs and shoulders. Many girls choose symmetrical tattoo designs for the lower abdomen as the images look sexy but, of course, the meaning will depend on the choice of elements. Not everybody loves prefer and strict symmetry. Some people find these designs too stiff but in some cases the lack symmetry can spoil the image and the overall design.

What are the most popular motifs and symmetrical tattoo ideas?

symmetrical tribal tattoos ideas on back

Symmetrical tattoo ideas are endless – ornaments, animals, butterflies, flowers, mandalas, various patterns, geometric lines and figures, etc. The images are an amazing visual work of art and designs feature a variety of styles. Here are some of the most popular ones:

split mandala tattoo on feet

Mandala tattoos – these images are symmetrical by nature. Mandalas have become an integral part of tattoo art. With roots in both the Hindu and Buddhist religions this is symbol that represents the universe. This image is widely popular among men and women as it symbolizes spiritual completeness and integrity and changes in life. When looking at the numerous photos of mandala tattoos you will notice that each one is different. Each drawing has its own sacred meaning and even Dalai Lama spoke about the significance of the drawings. According to him, this is a powerful tool that can affect not only the spiritual aspects of human life, but also psychophysiology. You can often see mandala tattoo designs combining classic and modern motifs. Usually these tattoos are in black and gray but lately there are many options in color and different styles. Complex mandalas require a lot of time and effort and, of course, professional skills but they are the perfect choice for symmetrical tattoos.

tribal tattoos designs and ideas

Tribal style is another popular style for symmetrical tattoos. As you know tribal tattoos include Polynesian, Maori, Aztec, Celtic images and vary significantly in meaning and symbols. In their ornaments you can find rhombuses, squares, triangles, circles, images of animals and smooth lines. Due to the fact that all tribal images are based on natural shapes it is easy to turn these motifs into a stunning tattoo.

symmetrical animal tattoo design for men wolf

Animal tattoos are the choice of people who are attracted to the idea of the two-sided human nature. Sometimes the design features a split image of two animals or split image of one particular animal. Since every animal bears its own meaning and symbolism, one should carefully choose the exact design of the tattoo. Butterflies are the preferred image of women as it looks magnificent and is easily split and transformed into a symmetrical tattoo. Men choose predators like wolves, tigers, bears, etc.

delicate feminine tattoos on clavicle

Flowers are also popular among women. Most often, these designs feature two identical images and are applied on legs, clavicle, thighs, etc.



tribal tattoo ideas for men chest arm designs

trash polka symmetrical tattoo on forearm

symmetrical tattoo on thigh horse

symmetrical tattoo ideas original designs

symmetrical hexagonal wrist honeycomb tattoo design

symmetrical clavicle tattoo ideas for women

symmetrical chest tattoo ideas for men and women

symmetrical back tattoo tribal style womens design ideas

sparrow tattoo symmetrical designs for women

small ankle tattoo ideas for women

ribbon tattoo on thighs ideas for women

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Celtic style wings and sword tattoo on back

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