Freestanding pantry cabinets – kitchen storage and organizing ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva


Not many people have large kitchens, let alone a kitchen pantry. Unfortunately, in many houses and apartments, the pantry need is not taken into account and sooner or later we realize the lack of storage space for our food supplies. This turns our attention to freestanding pantry cabinets.

Freestanding pantry cabinets – functionality in small kitchens


The kitchen is the room where we spend much of our time and all products that we use for our family should certainly be at hand.


Freestanding pantry cabinets save a lot of space and help in the right organization in the kitchen. Yes, it would be wonderful if we had a walk-in pantry but if we are not that lucky we can use our imagination and create a functional storage space.


Keep in mind that to have a functional pantry cabinet, it has to be accessible and all products, accessories and equipment should be neatly stored in their right place.


Kitchen cabinets will give you the opportunity to store many things in tight spaces and keep the order in your kitchen.

How to choose a freestanding pantry cabinet?


The cabinets are very important for every kitchen. There are so many kitchen designs but it all comes to the fact that all people want to have a perfect kitchen design so that they can do all the activities in a simple way.

pantry storage designs portable kitchen island freestanding pantry ideas

Once you realize the necessity of a freestanding pantry cabinet you need to determine your budget and the style of the cabinet.

kitchen -pantry-ideas-freestanding-pantry-cupboard-pantry-organization

It should blend in the overall design of your kitchen. The most important feature of the pantry cabinet is, undoubtedly, its functionality.


Carefully check the organization and the interior shelving of the cabinet. Make sure it will be able to fit neatly your products, spices and you will have unobstructed access to whatever you need.


You can opt for portable freestanding pantry cabinets which are very convenient for storing products that you need for cooking. They might serve as an additional table as well or a mini bar.













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