Leathered granite countertops – a sophisticated look of natural stone

by Kremy

leathered granite countertop pros contemporary kitchen countertops

The leathered finish is becoming increasingly popular as it is giving a more sophisticated look to the stone.

leathered granite kitchen countertop ideas kitchen designs


Leathered granite countertops are manufactured in this relatively new style of finish compared to the more popular polished or honed finishes and look stunningly beautiful.

What are leathered granite countertops and how are they made?

leathered granite countertops kitchen countertops ideas granite finishes

The process of leathering granite slabs makes the stone more stain resistant due to the fact that the stone pores are closed. The process features moving of diamond-tipped brushes across the surface of the granite.

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This is how the leathered effect is created. The leathered finish adds amazing texture to granite and is most often used for darker stones.

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A leather granite finish is the right choice for homeowners who prefer a countertop with a different style of the traditional shiny granite surface. The leathered finish is matte and looks very elegant.

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Homeowners choose leather granite for many and different reasons. Leathered finishes emphasize the natural beauty of the stone. The minimal shine and the beautiful texture of the leathered granite countertops work well with traditional and modern interiors and enhance the natural stone color.

What are the pros of leathered granite countertops?

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Granite is one of the most preferred materials for kitchen countertops. It is durable, scratch and heat resistant as well as stain resistant.

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Granite countertops are very unlikely to chip. Leathered granite countertops have all the features of standard granite countertops plus a few extras which a due to the surface finish.

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Leathered countertops are very pleasant to touch because of their unique texture. The leathering process keeps and highlights the natural color of the stone and gives the countertops a natural and somewhat rustic appearance.

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Fingerprints are invisible on leathered countertops.

contemporary kitchen countertop ideas leathered countertops wood cabinets

The textured surface is slip resistant which makes leathered granite perfect for wet areas.

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