25 Garden house ideas – the perfect addition to the backyard

victorian style house garden shed ideas

There is no doubt that if we had the opportunity, each and everyone of us will grab the chance to have a garden house. Those small and functional buildings can serve us not only as a place to store gardening tools and any kind of stuff, but they can be made with a lot of imagination and creativity. We have collected some examples with great visual appeal and besides their functionality, the cute cabins play the role of a spectacular decoration.

 Garden house designs – a place for work, leisure and rest

white backyard house patio retreat ideas

One of the greatest advantages of these cabins is that they can be placed on the smallest piece of land. They can be the ideal small office and will allow you to work in the peace and comfort of your own yard. You will be able to work and find privacy, especially if you have small children, without leaving your home. For those whose profession id connected to art and design, such peaceful surroundings would be perfect for creativity and inspiration.

 small house garden ideas climbing roses

The small garden house or shed can be a wonderful place for rest and is often a backyard retreat. Some designs have miniature porches which look lovely and provide seating area. After a long day we would hardly find a more suitable place for relaxation to enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

Charming small garden house ideas

house front porch patio deck backyard landscape ideas

A greenhouse is a necessity for anyone who has a hobby to grow flowers and plants. You garden house can be the ideal place for a conservatory. Sheds can be made of wood or other materials in different styles. When you choose the design of your mini-home, make sure it is matched with the style of the main one and the exterior itself. You may opt for a traditional small house with a gorgeous fairy tale look or for a modern design with geometric lines. Either way, you will have the perfect addition to your backyard and will spend happy hours there.

contemporary garden house ivy backyard ideas

  A place for hobby gardeners

cool sheds small house ideas flower pots planter boxes

 A lovely cabin for the backyard

wooden garden shed small backyard house ideas patio decor

 A garden house made of wood

wooden garden shed flower beds gravel garden path

 Adorable greenhouse idea


A romantic place in the backyard

adorable flower beds french doors

 A fairy tale playhouse for the children

inspiring playhouse for kids fairy tale

porch grden fence


path fence

small balcony large windows

romantic backyard landscape

shed backyard landscape

decor backyard escape

cottage small bench

cute small wood retreat

wooden shed small french doors window

beautiful barn style garden shed

Wooden storage shed backyard escape

backyard escape small french doors

backyard escape small



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