Garden Trends 2022: Inspirational Decoration Novelties and Plant Trends

by Kremy

In short, one of the most important garden trends for 2022 is the conscious design of your garden. To consider how everything in it – every plant, every piece of furniture, every structure, every material, every pot – contributes to the energy of your space and determines how you feel in it.

The reason to surround yourself with plants is for their therapeutic value. The pandemic has made us pay more attention to our mental health. Here are some of the top garden trends for 2022 that we hope will continue to inspire you to connect with nature.

Garden Trends 2022: Blurring the Lines Between Indoor And Outdoor Space

How to bring a dream garden into your house

In the last two years we have all had to spend a lot of time in our homes. As a result, gardeners have realized that when the boundaries between indoor and outdoor disappear, the living space expands. Here are some ideas on how to bring your dream garden into your home.

  • Plant a small herb garden in front of a sunny window.
  • Use grow lights to grow plants in spaces that don’t get natural light.
  • Set up hanging pots outdoors and place them in front of a window so you can look out and see the greenery.
  • Plant a vine on a trellis near a window so you can get a peek.

Create garden rooms to enjoy the fresh air

  • Create “garden rooms” to expand your living space and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Screen off areas with tall shrubs or hanging plants to create a sense of enclosure you have in the room.
  • Provide adequate lighting with fairy lights, lanterns, outdoor lamps, etc.

Terrace Trends 2022: Maximizing the Use of Balconies and Porches

One of 2022 garden trends is shelves for plants

If gardening in small areas of your home is limited to a balcony or porch, this tip is for you. Due to the longer stay in their own four walls, people are becoming more and more creative when designing their rooms. It’s really amazing to see how many plants can fit in just a limited area!

Use large planters on your balcony

Here are some decorating novelties that show how to accommodate lots plants in a balcony garden or other small outdoor space:

  • Use large pots that can accommodate many plants.
  • Set up shelves for smaller plants like herbs and other annuals.
  • Attach plant hangers to the railing.

Plant Trends 2022: Create Gardens of Tranquility

Conscious design is one of garden trends 2022

As mentioned earlier, gardens affect mental health. But for one reason or another, you don’t spend enough time in your life outdoors. Does that sound familiar to you? That is why experts advise to choose elements that attract you for your garden. Here are some tips:

  • Be sentimental. If there is a plant that brings back fond memories of a loved one, find a place for it.
  • Use colors that make you feel comfortable. Decide which colors you want and which you don’t, and keep that in mind when choosing plants.
  • Make sensory connections: place fragrant plants near places you frequent.

Plants in the garden have therapeutic effect

  • Place soft textured plants near paths so they touch you as you walk through the garden.
  • Add the sound of water or plants like ornamental grasses that create a nice rustling in the wind.

Plant Trends 2022 in Climate Change

How Climate Change Affects Plants

Veteran gardeners know that changes in weather affect the way we grow plants. Perhaps you’re already familiar with drought-tolerant gardening and using plants that can withstand high temperatures. Lately, however, another type of gardening has become very popular: gardening during fires and floods.

Gardening for Firefighting

drought tolerant plant ideas Boxwood

  • Choose drought-tolerant plants, like boxwood, that store water and don’t catch fire immediately.
  • Avoid plants that contain a lot of sap or resin – materials used to start fires.
  • Add elements like stone paths or walls that act as fire protection.
  • Cut back branches that overhang structures.
  • Create a protective space around your home that can slow and sometimes even stop a fire.

Gardening In Floods and Excessive Rain

 juniper is one of the best plants for erosion control

  • Improve water drainage patterns through the rain gardens.

Fun fact: A rain garden is a shallow, planted depression that absorbs water until it seeps into the ground. Rain gardens are gaining recognition as an important solution to stormwater runoff and pollution.

  • Creating troughs to distribute water more evenly in an area.
  • Reduce runoff by installing permeable surfaces that allow water to slowly seep into the ground.
  • Choose plants for erosion control like creeping juniper. These plants have deep roots and hold topsoil in place.
  • Choose moisture loving plants for spots in the landscape where water collects.

Garden Trends 2022: Food from Your Own Garden

Garden trend 2022 grow your own food

Edible gardening is also very hot this season, but it’s constantly evolving, as is the way gardeners approach it. One aspect that will gain popularity in 2022 is growing food from seeds.

Last year many seed companies reported record sales – some were completely sold out and many growers were unable to obtain seeds. If you are interested in growing food from seeds, get your seeds ahead of time!

For some gardeners, the idea of eating what you sow is not new. But others are just discovering the many benefits this brings:

  • Clean food for you and your whole family. When you harvest food from the garden with your children, they will be more willing to eat healthy foods and develop healthy eating habits from an early age.
  • Save money

Plastic Reduction Is One of the Top Priorities of 2022 Garden Trends

Reducing plastic in horticulture is the plant trend for 2022

Reducing plastic has become a top priority when it comes to gardening. As long as you reuse existing pots and seed trays, there is no need to buy new ones, but you can opt for alternative and sustainable products made from biodegradable materials such as rubber, wood or cardboard.



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