All that pollen! Share next tips to get rid of pollen at your home in just a week

by Snezhana Besarabova

Ah, pollen… The light and fine, invisible “dust” that comes from the flowering plants and flies in the air is a real health problem for many people. It consists of tiny substances that trees, flowers and grass exude, fertilizing other plants to produce seeds and grow new plants. Without pollen there will be no life on the planet, but, unfortunately, it causes allergy reactions to a growing percent of the human population. But thanks to the development of medicine and techniques, nowadays, there are a variety of ways to relieve the symptoms and manage this unpleasant condition. We’ll talk about pollen allergy today and show you some effective tips on how to clean your house to get rid of pollen for just a week.

What are the symptoms of pollen allergy?

get rid of pollen that flies in the air from trees and flowers

The reason for the allergies is that pollen consists of an extreme variety of organic molecules, which the human immune system often can’t recognize and reacts with rejection. The allergy symptoms could be itchiness, sneezing, red eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion and wheezing when exposed to pollen.

Why pollen allergies boom in spring?

get rid of pollen tiny particles consisting organic molecules that ferfilize


As the temperatures rise in spring, plants begin to reproduce, which means they actively bloom and release pollen in the atmosphere. When by the end of spring it becomes warmer, the rainfalls become rare, and pollen density comes to its peak. It sticks to skin and the clothes. That’s why, the situations with allergies worsen.

Does rain get rid of pollen?

how to get rid of pollen allergies when it is raining

It’s proven that when it’s raining, the concentration of pollen decreases. That means, of course, that the number of people developing allergy symptoms lowers. Rains really can get rid of pollen, though not entirely. As the pollen consists of fine dust, the rain drops washes it away, but when the rain stops, the pollen concentration increases little by little.

Living in cities or in villages lowers the allergy risk?

how to get rid of pollen allergies in the village or in the city

It may be thought that there are more allergy reactions in the countryside, where there is greenery all around. On the contrary, in cities allergy symptoms are in higher numbers, in comparison with the villages. Studies revealed that the pollen count is higher in the urban areas. What’s more, for farmers, the risk of developing pollen allergies is lower than among people with other professions.

How to get rid of pollen in the house

what removes pollen from the air in the house a vacuum cleaner

Those who suffers from hay fever, may feel miserable in the peak of the pollen season. Allergies sometimes can cause unendurable symptoms. That’s why you should undertake some measures in your home, before reaching the maximum concentrations of pollen in the air. In this way relieve the symptoms, or even stop them.

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Keep your windows closed in the morning and evening

It’s well known that the pollen count is high in the mornings and the evenings. By that time, the windows should be closed, and the air purifier switched on. Thus, you’ll prevent the pollen from entering through the window.

Switch on air purifiers

Make a reasonable choice when buying your air purifier. Some of them capture more than 99 % of the pollen particles, this may be a good option for you. It’s possible to use Auto mode, which switches on the purifier when the concentrations of pollen are high.

what removes pollen from the air an air purifier

Use steam-cleaner to get rid of pollen

When you have a season pollen allergy, it’s vital to clean your home thoroughly to get rid of pollen. You may use a precise cleaning vacuum cleaner, that capture the finest particles of the dust. But probably the best choice for allergy reactions is the steam-cleaner, as it removes pollen grains along with the dust most deeply. And is using only hot water, without any chemicals, which irritate every allergy sufferer.

Getting out the pollen from upholstery and carpets

The steam-cleaner will clean the pollen and dust out of your upholstery of the soft furnishing, seating, mattress and carpets in the best way. It removes these allergy causing particles on the surface, as well as out of the depth of the fabrics.

how to get rid of pollen in house stem cleaner for carpets and seats

Cleaning the drapery

A lot of pollen sticks on the drapery. With the steam-cleaner, they can be removed very fast. So, instead of dry cleaning with chemicals, simply remove all the dust and pollen with the power of the steam.

Remove pollen from narrow gaps and edges

Take more special care for removing the dust and pollen out of the difficult to reach places like narrow gaps and around the edges. Because the air flows bring much of the dust and other particles just there.

how to get rid of pollen in house steam cleaning in the corners

Steam-clean or vacuum the walls and ceilings

Many people ignore the ceilings and walls when vacuum clean or steam-cleaning their homes. But there is a stuck pollen there, especially in the most active flowering season.

Wash the clothing and shower regularly

Pollen flies through the air and sticks to your clothes and skin. So daily showers will remove it from your body. In addition to this, the weekly washings of your clothes will wash out the pollen from the clothing.

Wash the bedding 2 times a week

It’s vital for you to refresh frequently the bedding, as you sleep there for hours every night.

what removes pollen from the air walking outside in nature


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