Glass countertop – extravagant, heat resistant and easy to clean

by Kremy

beautiful glass countertop modern countertop ideas modern kitchen ideas

Glass countertops are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in kitchen design. Take a look at the trends, lighting, decoration and add an elegant luster in to your kitchen.

What is a glass countertop?

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We have all seen that glass comes in many forms in our daily life – from mirrors to windows. Glass trends in kitchen countertops are a little different.

modern kitchen design stained glass kitchen countertop kitchen decoration ideas

You still get the feeling of lightweight, but the major trend in the kitchen is to use color in the glass. Glass countertops can be crafted from colored glass and the appearance will be similar to the stained-glass look, or simply be applied to the back of the kitchen countertop.

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The application of the paint on the back of the countertop gives a sophisticated look, perfect for a modern kitchen or extravagant kitchen. You get a clear view from the top, but the color is still there. The look is modern and cool.

Glass countertops – accents and decorations

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Many people use glass countertops as accents which is a cost-effective way to achieve an amazing effect in the kitchen, without spending too much money on it.

open plan kitchen dining room colored glass kitchen countertop

For an artistic or contemporary look in your kitchen, you can use an illuminated glass countertop. This creates a beautiful effect and looks magical.

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Glass countertops work really well with kitchen cabinets made of wood as they create contrasts between the cold glass and warm wood.

How do you clean a glass countertop?

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Glass countertops are super easy to clean, which is one of the main reasons why they are so popular in modern kitchen design.

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You can use simple products for cleaning glass, which are used for windows or mirrors. Glass kitchen countertops are durable, heat resistant and easy to clean.

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Glass worktops are more durable than countertops made of laminate, but less than other options such as granite.


Stainless steeland glass kitchen countertops ideas modern kitchen


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