Caesarstone countertops – exceptional strength and durability

by Kremy

Caesarstone countertop colors contemporary kitchen design ideas

Caesarstone agglomerates are produced from natural 93% quartz chips and an addition of a small amount of polyester resin and pigments and Caesarstone countertops offer stunning visual aesthetics.

stunning kitchen design kitchen island with seating caesarstone countertop white countertops


Then, the whole mixture is poured into a mold of the desired shape.The material is almost as hard as diamond quartz.

kitchen countertops Caesarstone countertop white kitchen cabinets painted bricks

This engineered material is especially popular in homes with either a contemporary design, or that favor the clean lines of modern design.

Caesarstone countertops – spectacular kitchen designs

contemporary kitchen design dark wood cabinets glossy caesarstone countertops

Caesarstone countertops provide an opportunity to create unexpected design solutions. You can combine different textures and create a dynamic atmosphere with a clean modern look.

caesarstone countertops colors finishes textures


Countertops can be molded in various shapes as well which allows incredible designs. Caesarstone is offered in a really wide variety of colors and the design options are unlimited.

open plan kitchen white Caesarstone countertop modern bar stools

Whether light beige or almost black, the countertop fits in any interior and immediately becomes a focal point of the kitchen.

modern kitchen countertops Caesarstone countertop kitchen island designs

Caesarstone countertops come in different thicknesses and you could choose the exact thickness of your countertop. The edge profile can be customized as per the owners’ preference and the surface finish could be polished , honed or textured.

 Advantages of Caesarstone countertops

white countertops Caesarstone countertop wood cabinets modern kitchen design

Caesarstone countertops are environmentally friendly which is an important factor for many homeowners and designers.

contemporary kitchen countertops caesarstone countertops white countertops ideas

The advanced technology allows the quartz surfaces to stand up to highest traffic, wear and tear.

 white cabinets gray Caesarstone countertop gray backsplash

CaesarStone quartz surfaces do not contain toxic substances, they are non-porous and prevents the spread of germs, mold and mildew. The countertops are scratch, stain and heat resistant.

pros cons caesarstone countertops quartz countertops modern kitchen design ideas

In addition the surface of Caesarstone countertops is resistant to aggressive household chemicals, acids and solvents.

kitchen island countertops white caesarstone countertops countertop beautiful kitchens

The maintenance of the caesarstone surface is easy and the countertops are cleaned with any detergent without abrasive particles. The countertop does not lose color and the original appearance remains unchanged even after years of use.

modern kitchen black cabinets white Caesarstone countertop bar stools

kitchen remodel countertops ideas caesarstone countertop wood cabinets

Caesarstone countertops quartz countertops ideas white kitchen cabinets




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