Recycled countertops – eco friendly kitchen countertops ideas

by Kremy

recycled glass countertops eco friendly countertops materials green kitchen

The kitchen is a central room in the house, a place to cook, eat and talk. Therefore, it is worth to buy environmentally friendly products and equipment.

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Recycled countertops are an excellent choice for people who care about the ecology of our planet!

 Recycled countertops materials

recycled countertops teragren bamboo countertop eco friendly countertops

More and more manufacturers are trying to save their expenses on the purchase of material and use materials coming from recycling and the effect is not only preserving the environment but in addition we can point out the contribution to the reduction of waste.

contemporary kitchen eco friendly materials recycled countertops ideas recycled galss

Designers have embraced the green theme and come up with fantastic ideas for various household items which save the environment.

green eco friendly countertops recycled glass countertops kitchen countertops

Recycled countertops can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including concrete, glass, paper, plastic, composite or a mixture of materials.

kitchen countertops chroma recycled countertops materials

In addition countertops from recycled materials are manufactured in a wide range of colors and textures.

contemporary kitchens recycled glass countertops green environment designs

Many companies offer counters from marble, granite or other natural stone so the choice of environmentally friendly options is quite big. Here is a quick review of the top eco-friendly materials.

Best recycled countertops materials

icestone countertops recycled countertops ideas eco friendly materials

IceStone countertops are made from recycled glass and white cement, 95% of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are recycled. The variety of colors is really wide and these recycled countertops have excellent characteristics – they are heat and scratch resistance and also not as porous as marble.

Windfall lumber reclaimed wood countertops contemporary kitchen designs

Reclaimed wood options are made from lumber which comes from deconstructed warehouses or other structures. They are easy to maintain and add a natural warmth to the interiors.

 recycled wood countertops recycled bamboo

Bamboo countertops have an incredible soft and aesthetically appealing look. Suitable for kitchen islands as well, reclaimed bamboo worktops are available in various colors and textures. In addition to their ecological qualities, they are bacteria resistant and are finished using mineral oil or beeswax.

kitchen countertops ideas recycled materials paperstone

Paperstone varieties are manufactured from paper waste which is converted to solid blocks under high pressure transforming the paper into natural resin.


Vetrazzo green recycled glass countertop modern kitchen countertop ideas

recycled countertops modern kitchen countertops ideas fuez material

modern kitchen ideas recycled countertop paperstone

fuez countertop contemporary kitchen countertops

kitchen countertops recycled glass modern kitchen ideas

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