Contemporary steel countertops – shiny metal accents in the kitchen

by Kremy

contemporary kitchen design black cabinets stainless steel countertops steel backsplash

Smooth and seamless, steel countertops in the kitchen are the choice of people who appreciate convenience and durability. The shine of the simplest metal accents can give a new look to any kitchen.

beautiful kitchen island countertop stainless steel kitchen island desing


Modern kitchens equipped with stainless steel countertops bathe in metallic luster and can be decorated only with a few important accents.


Steel countertops – a timeless classic in the kitchen

spectacular kitchen design steel and stone countertops antler chandelier

Whether you plan to replace the countertops or you want to completely renovate your kitchen, you should know how to make the best decision.

kitchen countertops stainless steel butchers block contemporary kitchen ideas

Steel countertops are a timeless classic in the kitchen interiors and are no longer considered as “commercial” or industrial.

modern kitchen countertop ideas stainless steel countertops white bar stools

You can combine steel with aluminum and bright colors and add a modern look in a traditional kitchen interior. Stainless steel kitchen countertops create beautiful contrasts, when combined with surfaces of wood, brick and marble.

contemporary kitchen design ideas minimalist kitchens steel countertops modern bar stools

Steel kitchen countertops combined with any kitchen furniture colors – black, white or bright emphasize the interior design.

Steel countertops for the kitchen – durability and life time service

victorian kitchen steel countertop tile backsplash kitchen island

One of the strongest advantages of steel countertops and the reason why it is the most popular choice in professional kitchens is the incredible durability of the material.

stainless steel countertops steel kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen design

These countertops are virtually indestructible and are very practical, especially when a lot of food is prepared. In addition, the strength, moisture resistance and high level of hygiene make the steel kitchen countertops the perfect choice for home chefs.

steel countertops modern kitchen countertops ideas dark gray cabinets

Besides the stylish and modern look, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, shocks and high temperatures and does not require sealing or impregnation.

steel countertop kitchen remodel ideas modern kitchen wood cabinets

It is very easy to maintain and keep clean. The cons of stainless steel are few – fingerprints and scratches are visible and if you dropped something, the impact produces a banging sound.


rustic kitchen interior ceiling beams wood cabinets stainless steel countertop

modern kitchen interior steel countertop wood ceiling tile flooring

modern kitchen design wood cabinets steel kitchen countertop hardwood flooring

kitchen design ideas gray cabinets stainless steel countertop brick wall

kitchen countertops steel countertop wood cabinets kitchen decoration

eclectic kitchen interior wood cabinets steel countertops steel backsplash

beautiful kitchen design ceiling beams wood cabinets steel countertop modern bar stools


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