Porcelain countertops – durability, versatility and low maintenance

by Kremy

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Porcelain countertops were first introduced to the market in the late ‘90s. At that time porcelain slabs were intended to compete against natural stone alternatives.

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Luckily the technology has developed and today we can see stunningly beautiful designs which offer fabulous aesthetics and are an asset to every kitchen.

 Why porcelain countertops are a good choice?

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Countertops are the focal point of any kitchen.  A well-chosen countertop can make even old cabinets look better while new high end cabinets will look sensational.

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Porcelain countertops will be a winning option for people who value true quality. Compared to other alternatives, these are offered in an incredible variety of colors and textures and easily provide a customized and ultra modern look.

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The fact that porcelain slab countertops are 30% more durable than granite is an enormous plus as well and homeowners would never worry that their countertop will be damaged.

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Another big plus of the material is the lightweight. The slabs are very thin and can be easily installed over an existing countertop without losing their modern and sleek appearance.

Pros and cons of porcelain countertops

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The indisputable qualities of porcelain countertops make them highly competitive. Durability, versatility and low maintenance are some of the main advantages.

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Unlike natural stone, porcelain is non porous and does not require sealing. Furthermore it is heat and scratch resistant.

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It is also stain resistant which means that the maintenance is practically effortless. Discoloration is not a problem for porcelain slabs which makes them perfect for outdoor use as well.

Porcelain slabs kitchen countertop contemporary kitchen designs minimalist kitchens

In terms of design options the variety of colors provides opportunities for spectacular kitchen designs. Available in matte and polished finishes they easily blend in many design styles.

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Last but not least – the material can be recycled which is an important factor for nature conscious homeowners.


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