Glass front kitchen cabinets for a fashionable look in the kitchen

by Kremy

kitchen cabinets ideas modern furniture ideas

Glass front kitchen cabinets are timeless and versatile. They are suitable for all interiors and styles, no matter what color you choose for your interior. Such fronts offer an opportunity for unique effects – frosted, textured or stained glass create a contemporary ambiance in the room which is no longer a place used for cooking and eating only, but is a part of the living space.

Glass front kitchen cabinets – trendy designs for modern homes

modern cabinets design metal framed glass doors


Glass front kitchen cabinets have numerous advantages. They not only look elegant, but are also easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Thanks to modern mechanisms cabinet doors open silently and only with a light touch. With incorporated light sources, stunning and exciting effects can be achieved.

Fashionable glass front kitchen cabinets

Glass front cabinets metal frames modern kitchen

Shelves and cabinets can accommodate different accessories that are useful for a variety of activities like food preparation, for example. Glass front kitchen cabinets are perfect for small rooms as they make the space look bright, light and airy.

contemporary cabinet design glass front dark wood

Glass in dark wood frame is particularly attractive.Cabinet fronts in light frames made of aluminum or stainless steel bring a contemporary flair to your interior design.

glass front cabinets dark wood red accent


Glass cabinet doors combined with yellow, blue, red or green will add a fresh living atmosphere in your kitchen.

white kitchen corner cabinets with glass doors

Glass fronts are 100% recyclable. Modern cabinet fronts can be quickly disassemble and replaced, if a pane is broken. Such doors are suitable for almost any decoration style – rustic, modern, traditional, minimalist, etc.


 kitchen furniture glass cabinet fronts

Glass backsplash red color white cabinets glass fronts

Frosted glass cabinet doors kitchen furniture ideas

white cabinets glass fronts contemporary furntiure ideas

Textured glass cabinet doors bamboo countertop pendant lamps

 wood panels frosted glass doors metal bar stools white countertops

glass front cabinet doors kitchen design ideas

frosted glass doors modern white cabinets wood flooring

glass front cabinets design black countertops

Elegant glass cabinets fronts contemporary granite countrtops

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 glass front kitchen cabinets breakfast bar ideas

contemporary cabinet ideas stained glass door granite countertops

black and white interior design glass doors cabinet fronts



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