Ground floor apartment renovation – 867 De Bougainville, Quebec

by Kremy

apartment renovation Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects preserved brick wall

We will show you a beautiful ground floor apartment renovation, a complete transformation which turned an old apartment into a contemporary styled home without losing the charm of old times. The old apartment is located in a building from 1924 in Quebec, Canada. The young family who occupies the apartment trusted the renovation project to Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects who didi a splendid job.


Ground floor apartment renovation – contemporary interiors in a historic frame

apartment renovation Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects open plan living area living room


Undertaking a ground floor apartment renovation with respect to the historic past of the building can be a challenging task. The wish of the homeowners was to convert the ground floor into their principal residence and the challenge – to preserve the original character of the space among modern fixtures and finishes. The main goal was to create a more spacious, bright and functional living space suitable for the lifestyle of the homeowners. In order to open the space, internal walls were removed or stripped and in the demolition process revealed some quite interesting discoveries. An original brick common wall was revealed on one end of the space while the other end uncovered a wall of original wooden boards. Both elements were preserved as they add a real character and warmth to the rooms and as well.


Ground floor apartment renovation – An eclectic decor unites trendy and historic elements

 white kitchen exposed brick wall

The living area is spread across a wide linear range that crosses the building from one end to the other allowing a free light flow. The area is extended by adding a large terrace to enjoy the shady back yard.

bathroom design black wooden boards white tiles

Large, white ceramic tiles cover the walls of the bathroom. Some of the wood that was revealed in the demolition process was integrated into the bathroom counter and the combination of materials gives the small bathroom an elegant look. A part of the original moldings around the doors were kept to remind of the colonial character of the neighborhood. Using materials as concrete in the flooring of the hall and bathroom adds an earthy texture to the space, complemented by natural wood flooring in the rest of the rooms, which is reminiscent of the original flooring. The final result is a spectacular ground floor apartment renovation which successfully combines old and new.

living area design brick wall

open floor plan exposed brick wall

 wooden patio deck

Ground floor apartment renovation Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects outdoor area

Ground floor apartment renovation 867 De Bougainville white kitchen cabinets wood flooring

bedroom design apartment 867 De Bougainville Quebec

 bedroom design wood wall industrial style

Ground floor apartment 867 De Bougainville Quebec

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