How does a solar pool heater work and why it is worth having it?

by Kremy

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The reasons that we own pools are that they are a lot of family fun, having a pleasant time at home with friends, exercise and relax by the water. A heated pool can prolong the swimming season. How does a solar pool heater work and why it is worth having it? We will discuss the solar heaters as they are extremely efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective.


Why it is worth having a solar pool heater?


Swimming pool solar collectors


Choosing a solar pool heater will reduce considerable the energy cost bills as it is economical and the most cost-effective application of solar energy. The market offers various types of pool heating systems but you have to be aware of the fact that solar pool heating systems are very different from the domestic solar water heating systems. Since the pool heating is seasonal and the volume of water is quite large it does not require high temperature of heating. This leads to a much simpler design of the solar collectors for pool heating and lower cost.

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Most solar heating systems feature several elements – solar panels installed on a roof near the pool, a pump which circulates the pool water through the filter and the solar hot water collector, a filter, A flow control valve which diverts pool water through the solar collector and a check valve that prevents water from backing up into the panels.

What is important to know before installing a solar pool heater system?

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There are a number of factors to consider before investing in a solar pool heater system:

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The first of the factors is the age of the roof. If you think your roof needs to be replaced, it is not worth installing the solar heating system before mending the roof.

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Climate is another major factor. Hot climates will not give you problems, but in colder climate you will need to drain the collectors to prevent freezing during winter months or use a system which can use an anti-freeze type of solution. Such systems are more expensive but experts recommend them for places with cold climate.

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Solar panel weight is of great importance when you put a number of them on the roof as they will add weight on the roof. You have to make sure your roof is in god condition before installing the panels.

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Usually the collectors are painted black and will expand and contract significantly with temperature changes, so you need to opt for the best quality in order to avoid leaks.


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