Hanging pot racks and creative storage ideas for every kitchen

by Kremy

hanging pot racks kitchen design stone wall open selves

How to store all the pots and pans that you have? This is a serious question and in general kitchen storage and organization is something really important. Yes, you have heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but nobody will feel comfortable in a cluttered and messy kitchen. It is not a secret that every kitchen has a lot of dishes, cutlery, household appliances and other devices that we use every day for food preparation, serving, etc. You either need a large number of cabinets or you have to find creative storage solutions and original storage systems. Traditionally, the main option for organization is built-in or pull-out cabinets, a lazy Susan, railings, shelves, etc. Storing pots and pans can be a problem, especially when you have many of them in different sizes and they do not fit anywhere. Kitchen cabinets manufacturers come up with interesting cabinet organizers, holders, etc. but we will focus your attention on hanging pot racks which allow you to use the space optimally.

Pros and cons of hanging pot racks

Mediterranean kitchen design island with storage and pot rack


A pot rack is a special holder in the form of a shelf with hooks for hanging pans, pots and other kitchen utensils. The holder can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. They have their supporters and like any other kitchen accessory, they offer many advantages and benefits to the homeowners but have some drawbacks as well. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of hanging pot racks!

One of the biggest advantages of hanging pot racks is that they save precious square meters of space in kitchens of any size and you can store kitchenware almost under the ceiling. Typically, the racks are installed above the kitchen island or other non-passable places and provide additional storage space. As a bonus, you will have more free space in your cabinets or on your shelves to store other items.

Convenience and accessibility – pots and pans occupy a lot of space, and when the housewife is busy with cooking, it will be very easy for her to raise her hand and take the necessary dishes without running around the kitchen in a hurry in search of a frying pan or saucepan or empting an entire cabinet to find the pot or pan that she needs. With a pot rack you can see exactly where your pan is so it takes only a couple of seconds to choose the right one.

kitchen storage ideas pots and pans rack above kitchen island

Pot racks are universal and can be installed in kitchen of any size which makes them exceptionally useful, especially for small sized rooms. They can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall which allows certain flexibility and the homeowners can choose a design which is suitable for the size of their kitchen.

Pot racks come in many shapes and sizes and despite the wide array of choices, all the models share one and the same elemental design – a long metal bar or rack with evenly spaced hooks running across it. They can be made of different materials so you can easily find one to complement the overall decor of your kitchen. Designs vary from simple straight lines and a professional kitchen look to ornate wrought iron pot racks that will be the perfect addition in a Mediterranean or rustic kitchen.

Visual appeal – hanging pots and pans create the feeling that the utensils placed on them are in constant readiness for use. In addition, they give the room elegance and are a fashionable trend in the kitchen interior. For example, your collection of copper cookware will become an eye catching element of the kitchen decoration and will add incredible charm and warmth.

kitchen renovation ideas island with original pot rack

As we said, hanging pot racks have some drawbacks and homeowners have some concerns, so let’s look at the cons.

One of the main concerns of homeowners is that pots and pans may be hard to reach if the rack is installed too high and a person that is not very tall may have problems reaching the pots.

In terms of hygiene, a serious drawback is the fact that items that are not used frequently get dusty. When the rack is installed over a range your pots may even get a bit greasy. Having in mind that your cookware is on display at all time, you have to be sure that it is good looking which requires time and attention as all pots and pans get worn out with time.

Weight is another problem that one needs to consider. On the first place, it is the weight of the rack itself but you also have the added weight of all pots and pans that you plan to hang. Prior installation you need to make sure that the rack is mounted in a safe way. For example, cast iron cookware is really heavy and you would not want it fall on someone’s head.

No lid space. Now, this is a major con of hanging racks for pots and pans. Despite the fact that they are equipped with hooks for cookware handles, you shall be faced with the problem of storing the lids. Obviously, storing lids requires much less cabinet space or you can get a pot lid organizer which is mounted on the cabinet door and everything is neat and organized.

Hanging pot racks in kitchen interiors

hanging pots and pans rack rustic kitchen design ideas brick ceiling

The main purpose of the kitchen is to be cozy and attractive. We spend a lot of time in it while cooking, relaxing and nowadays the kitchen is a part of the main living space where you gather with family or entertain visitors, and is often clearly visible from every zone. In terms of design this provides numerous opportunities. One of the most popular options is to highlight and accent on your beautiful kitchen island and the pot rack is fixed above it. This is very practical especially when your kitchen island is fully functional and equipped with a cooktop and sink. You can easily hang your cookware to the adjustable hooks which will help you to avoid banging your pots and pans. At the same time you can take pride in displaying your high quality copper or beautiful shiny stainless steel cookware and make it a part of the interior decoration.

kitchen design ideas large island with farmhouse sink and pot racks

Hanging pot racks come in different styles and when you choose one, you need to make sure that it will work with your interior. There are exceptional masterpieces and wrought iron works of art that would be an asset in every home.

small wall mounted pot rack design ideas

small kitchen island with rack and open storage shelve

small kitchen island and pot rack with lighting

rustic style kitchen design ideas with tile flooring kitchen island and large pot rack with candles

rustic kitchen with pot rack above small island

rustic kitchen with exposed ceiling beams island with seating and hanging pots and pans rack

rustic kitchen decor ideas pot rack with lights

rustic kitchen decor ideas black counters kitchen island forged pot rack

rustic hanging pot rack kitchen design ideas storage space

original pot racks chandelier above kitchen island

kitchen island with beautiful and original pot rack design

kitchen design ideas with hanging pot rack wood flooring

hanging pot racks kitchen design farmhouse sink wood ceiling

hanging pot racks ideas creative kitchen storage space

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