Do you know the benefits of Crepe Myrtle? Here they are!

by Kremy

Did you know that Crepe myrtle is edible? Yes, it sounds amazing, but this ornamental tree has valuable properties that can help you fight many health problems. They are well known in the medicine of South Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia) where the plant is found as a food supplement in the form of capsules. Why are they used? Check it out below! We offer you a list of the benefits of Crepe myrtle.

What are the benefits of Crepe Myrtle?

bouquet of crepe myrtle in a vase

  • Works like Antivirus – In times of pandemic, it is very important to boost our immune system and taking crepe myrtle supplements is a good way to do that. It contains saponin, which helps prevent viruses from entering the body.
  • Prevent the growth of cancer cells – Apart from saponin, crepe myrtle also contains flavonoids. Both of these compounds can help prevent cancer cells from growing in the body.
  • Maintaining Bone Health – Besides calcium and phosphorus, bones also need flavonoid compounds to prevent them from becoming porous.
  • Beneficial for Constipation and Diarrhea – Crepe myrtle is rich in dietary fiber. Thus, people suffering from constipation can use the leaves, bark and flowers to improve intestinal transit. On the other hand, the Pride of India (this is one of the popular names) contains tannins, which can harden the gastrointestinal wall to prevent liquids from entering the intestine that can cause diarrhea.
  • Reduce inflammation – Among the benefits of crepe myrtle is also its ability to prevent the body from inflammation caused by viruses or bacteria.

What are the benefits of crepe myrtle

  • Relieve toothache – In addition to anti-inflammation, the active compounds in myrtle can also help kill bacteria that can cause toothache.
  • Prevent premature aging – This flowering ornamental tree contains antioxidants that can help prevent free radicals from entering the body.
  • Maintain Skin Health – It can not only cure the skin from different diseases, but also protect it from exposure to free radicals.
  • Eliminate Kidney Stones – Preparing a stew of crepe myrtle and drinking the leftover water can help destroy kidney stones which can disrupt the filtration function of the kidneys.
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels – Consuming Lagerstroemia can help lower blood cholesterol levels, which can lead to more serious problems.

Which part of the plant is beneficial for health?

What part of the plant is beneficial for health

In fact, all parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine – from flowers to roots. Here are some ideas for enjoying crepe myrtle:

  • In some countries the leaves are used to make tea. In the Philippines and Japan, it is a very popular drink, known as “Banaba tea”.
  • In Vietnam, the young leaves are said to be eaten as vegetables.
  • The roots can also be used. Collect them preferably in autumn and winter, rinse them well, cut them into slices and finally, dry them. The root is astringent, detoxifying and diuretic.
  • Make a paste of the flowers and apply it externally to cuts and wounds. This will speed up the healing process.
  • The bark is also considered stimulating and febrifuge. To use it, just infuse it.

banaba tea philippines

Caution: Crepe myrtle seeds have narcotic properties. However, they are used topically for mouth ulcers. Additionally, you can roast them and make a powder for brushing your teeth. This will make them whiter and stronger. Don’t eat them!

Keep in mind that this is an informative article regarding the species Lagerstroemia speciosa. There are different varieties of the plant that are used for ornamental purposes, so before consuming it, make sure it is indeed this type of myrtle. Our advice is to consult a doctor before trying. You can also consult a person specialized in Ayurvedic medicine.


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