DIY decoration with hydrangeas: How can you display the flowers of the magnificent plant in the house?

by Kremy

The hydrangea came to Europe from Japan in the 1820s, and breeding began in the 1900s. The original name of the genus was in honor of Princess Hortensia, sister of Prince Karl Heinrich von Nassau-Siegen. The European systematists later renamed the plant and gave it the name Hydrangea macrophylla (big-leaved hydrangea). The generic name derives from the two Greek words hydor, water, and angeion, vessel, and emphasizes that the plant is very moisture-loving. If you grow hydrangeas, you can enjoy their beauty not only in the garden, but also in the house. Here we have some tips and easy DIY projects and ideas for decoration with hydrangeas.

How to cut hydrangeas for decoration

how to cut hydrangea for decoration

Every decoration with hydrangeas starts with cutting. Always cut the flowers first thing in the morning when it is cooler, so that the flowers do not suffer too much. Normally you cut the hydrangea stems with leaves to a length of about 20 cm (you can always trim them later). Hydrangea leaves are arranged in groups of two and one should cut off the flowers where two stems meet to allow the flower to continue blooming.

  • First, cut the stem diagonally. This allows the flower to absorb more water and stay fresh for longer.
  • Next, remove any leaves that are below the waterline. Otherwise they will start to rot and contaminate the water.
  • Finally, cut the stem to the desired length.

How do you make your cut flowers last longer?

DIY decoration with hydrangeas We give you some tips and ideas


Have you ever brought home a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas that withered and died after a few days? If yes, then you are not alone. Hydrangeas are notoriously finicky flowers, but there are a few simple tips to keep them fresher for longer. With a little care, your buds will stay fresh and beautiful for days or even weeks.

Mason jars can be easily used for decoration with hydrangeas

  • Place them in cool water once you cut them off.
  • Cut the stems at an angle. This allows them to soak up as much water as possible.
  • Adding a little sugar to the water will keep them fresh longer.
  • Every few days, cut back the stems and change the water.
  • Remove any leaves that would fall below the waterline, as they can rot and contaminate the rest of the bouquet.
  • Use a clean vase and fresh water, changing the water every few days.

Ideas for simple decoration with hydrangeas

One of the easiest ways to display hydrangeas is in a vase on the table

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a touch of elegance to your home, hydrangeas are perfect for decorating any room and are amazingly easy to care for. Here are a few ideas:

One of the easiest ways to display hydrangeas is in a vase on the coffee table or kitchen counter. Simply cut the stems diagonally and add some water. For an even more dramatic effect, you can put together several vases with flowers of different colors.

Decoration with hydrangeas you can let the flowers float in a bowl of water

Another great option is to let the flowers float in a bowl of water. This looks particularly beautiful in a clear glass bowl, but any type of bowl will do. You can even get creative and add stones or other decorations to the bowl before placing the flowers.

arrange the flowers in a tall vase

If you want something a little more whimsical, you can arrange the flowers in a tall vase to create a stunning centerpiece. Add some greenery or other accents if you like and enjoy your beautiful creation!

DIY decoration with hydrangeas How to display the blossoms

You can easily create a table centerpiece for the dining room with hydrangeas. These lush blooms are cut off once they are fully bloomed. The deep blue color of the flowers is particularly suitable for a fresh flair.

Use vintage bottles as vases to create a unique atmosphere

Use vintage bottles as vases if you want to create a unique atmosphere. You can use different shades of flowers to create a gorgeous explosion of color.

An antique watering can add to the rustic flair as outdoor decoration

An antique watering can add to the rustic flair. Hydrangea colors may vary due to weather conditions. Too much or too little water, sun, heat, cold and soil can change the color. The antique watering can is perfect for outdoor display when not in use to water plants.

White vase display of flowers for a clean and sleek look

Frosted glass display of buds for a clean and sleek look. Crisp blue and white go perfectly together. You can use an old piece of frosted glass for floral decorations.

Bottles with wicker weave are elegant and stylish and bring the summer mood into the house

Wicker bottle makes the flowers shine. Wicker bottles are elegant and stylish, bringing the summer vibes indoors.

decoration with hydrangeas in a vintage bucket

Use vintage buckets for decoration with hydrangeas. It’s perfect because it’s waterproof and complements the buds very well.

Hydrangeas look beautiful in mason jars

Painted jars can be used to create a colorful atmosphere. With their magnificent flowers, hydrangeas are a great cheer. They look gorgeous in chalk painted mason jars. Yes, you can paint mason jars brightly and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

hydrangea flowers are also beautiful in clear jars

Mason jars can easily be used for decoration with hydrangeas. The flowers are also beautiful in clear mason jars.



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