Homemade Halloween costumes for adults – easy and creative ideas

by Kremy

Homemade Halloween costumes for adults Black Swan couples-Halloween costumes

Homemade Halloween costumes for adults can be crafted without much effort and money. Traditional ones can also be imaginative. You have the chance to let your imagination run free and craft captivating and memorable disguise. Here you can find tips and inspiring ideas for custom-made disguises for adults. They’re colorful, fun and are suitable for themed parties. With little money and little effort you can quickly put together something at home, when you find the right inspiration for it.

Homemade Halloween costumes for adults – how to make a skeleton

how to make skeleton costume step by step tutorial


Homemade Halloween costumes for adults means that you are free to craft and wear anything. We will give you the easiest instructions to make a creepy skeleton. You will need a black T-shirt and leggings, white color (fabric paint or wall paint), a brush and a cap. Place the T-shirt on a table and paint with white paint the skeleton bones. Do the same with the leggings. Let the paint dry, add some make up and you are all set!

how to make skeleton costume

how to make skeleton costume tutorial

Homemade Halloween costumes for adults – easy and creative ideas

cruela Devil


As a basis for many homemade Halloween costumes for adults can, of course, be used conventional clothing. For example, a T-shirt in the right color, a pair of pants or leggings that are tailored to your concept. Mummy and ghost costumes are most easily crafted – from an old white bed sheet. A DIY disguise has a big advantage – its uniqueness. A little black dress can be combined with so many accessories that you can quickly turn into Cruela DeVil, Audrey Hepburn, Minnie Mouse or Wednesday Addams. The Disney princesses such as the characters from Alice in Wonderland are very popular and easy to imitate. With fabrics and make-up, you can design your custom made unique Halloween outfit. Only then the Halloween party would be really nice and colorful! Check out the cute pregnant Halloween costume ideas as well!


 Couple of pirates with homemade disguise

costumes for adults couples costumes pirates

 Chaplin’s black and white film disguise

Homemade adults silent film couples costumes

A sexy Disney princess dress

Homemade costumes adults belle

 Fred and Wilma Flintstone homemade outfits

funny Homemade costumes adults Fred Flintstone

 Popeye the Sailor and Olive homemade costumes

couples popeye the sailor

   Mickey and Minnie mouse – a great idea for couples

couples mickey minnie mouse


cartoon characters granny

the invisible man creative

original paper doll

nightmare before christmas

easy ghost

funny creative painter

cute creative rapunzel

creative zulu

the wizard of oz

creative easy adults winding doll

Dexters aboratory adults easy ideas


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