Halloween costumes for teens – cool, spooky, scary or freaky?

by Kremy

cool halloween costumes for teens ideas

Halloween costumes for teens may give you a headache right before the holiday. What should a teenager wear? Clothes that evoke bees, lady bugs or cats? Noooo. Not again. Then choose something cool and get some inspiration from our gallery below.

 Cool Halloween costumes for teens

Halloween costumes for teens scream movie


Halloween is a great excuse for teenagers to dress up, scare their mates and impress those around them with the best fancy dress costume they can find. Usually, it is not easy to find suitable, cool Halloween costumes for teens and the problem comes that “a teen” is a 13 year old and an 18-year old. We have chosen some ideas for cool Halloween costumes for teens which are original and will be fun to wear. It is very typical that adolescents like the scary side of the holiday. Therefore all types of gothic disguise, zombies, vampires, horrible weird creatures and creepy clown makeup are among the best options for teenagers.

Halloween costumes for teens and makeup ideas

creepy clown girls

The means of creating the coolest Halloween costumes for teens include everything from face paint to creepy eye lenses. A creepy makeup and wild hair wig with the proper makeup will create a perfect witch. Vampires are especially popular too – dark circles under the eyes, vampire teeth, some red paint for blood and of, course – the black cloak are the obligatory elements of the costume. Evil clowns or zombies are created with the help of make up, a wig or with a creepy mask? The options are unlimited and it is all up to your fantasy!

spooky clown costume

 A vampire costume for girls

girls vampire


Horror masks and make up for teenagers

horror make up masks

 Original broken doll makeup idea for teen girls

make up

 Spooky clowns costume and face paint

make up clowns wigs

Easy DIY All Saints disguise for teens

DIY costume

DIY scary make up

make up red wig blood make up

Movie inspired Halloween costumes for teens

the nightmare before Christmas

The Joker

the joker

plague doctor

teenagers scream face mask pumpkin lanters

boys party make up

girls make up puppet




make up





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