How to Hide a Muffin Top in a Dress? 6 Types of Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Plus Advice

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Want to be able to wear your favourite dresses this summer, but your muffin top keeps getting in the way? Yeah, been there, girl. A lot of us women have had to deal with muffin tops and the unflattering look they create when we wear tighter clothing. However, that doesn’t mean that we need to say goodbye to some of our most beloved closet items, right? Today at, you will find advice on how to hide a muffin top in a dress and which dress types would flatter you most. Let’s go!

How to Hide a Muffin Top in a Dress?

how to hide muffin top in tight dress

So, how to hide a muffin top in a dress? One of the first things you can do is put on a pair of lightweight spandex bottoms. Spandex have long been used by many women as a means to better shape the form of their body and conceal a bigger belly. I have a few pairs myself that I sometimes wear when I want to look better in a tight dress. Also, when you are shopping for underwear, don’t go for low-waist, tight bikini types that will make you feel uncomfortable and leave red marks on your body. Consider high-waist bottoms that will flatten your stomach and look good under clothes.

Types of Dresses That Will Hide Your Muffin Top

If you want to look good in a dress when you have a muffin top body shape, you can also just be more picky when you are choosing one. There are types of dresses that can perfectly hide your muffin top, while at the same time making you look fantastic. Want to know which they are ?

How to Hide a Muffin Top in a Dress with a V-neck?

v neck wrap dress for muffin top body shape

V-neck dresses, and especially wrap ones, have long been a favourite closet item of mine. A v-neck neckline adds just the right amount of sexy and elegant to any woman’s appearance, and when it’s paired with a feminine wrap dress, you get an outfit suitable for any body size and shape. The belt attached to the wrap dress can be personally adjusted to hide your belly. Plus, this dress type is great for wearing your favourite necklaces.

Illusion of a Smaller Belly with a Pleated Skirt Dress

how to hide a muffin top in a pleated skirt dress

How to make your belly appear smaller? Opt for a stunning pleated skirt dress! Thanks to the naturally created vertical lines in this type of dress, your belly will look much smaller than it is. Wearing an off-shoulder pleated skirt dress will be even better, as it will draw more attention to your shoulders and neckline. This type of dress is perfect for curvy figures, and you can wear it both to the office and to more formal occasions.

Conceal a Muffin Top with a Floral Empire Waist Dress

how to hide a muffin top in a dress

Another beautiful type of dress that can help you conceal a muffin top body shape is a floral empire waist dress. This dress is supposed to draw attention to the part of your body just under your bust, which is usually the slimmest part of your torso. Hence, by bringing more attention to this area, you get the effect of a slimmer belly and an emphasized bust at the same time. What more could any woman want?

Vertical Stripe Midi Shirt Dress to Hide Your Tummy

vertical stripe midi shirt dress to hide a muffin top

Looking for more ways on how to hide a muffin top in a dress? Try a stylish vertical stripe midi shirt dress. It might come as a surprise to some that a shirt dress can be flattering for a muffin top body shape, but this free-flowing dress gives a lot of room for your tummy. Shirt dresses are a great choice to wear as an everyday piece, either to work or to a coffee date with your bestie. The front-tie option works well for narrowing down your shape to a small area, perfectly concealing your curvier parts.

How to Hide a Muffin Top in a Dress That Is Asymmetrical?

how to wear a dress with a muffin top

Asymmetrical types of dresses can create vertical and diagonal lines, which actually make your body look slimmer than it is in reality. Thanks to this illusion, you can hide your muffin top. Just don’t go with a fitted asymmetrical dress, as this will ruin the concealing effect, but opt for a looser one. A looser dress can also be paired nicely with leggings in a darker colour to flatter your curvier body shape even more.

Flowy Trapeze Dress to Hide a Muffin Top Body Shape

flowy trapeze dress for muffin top shape

A flowy trapeze dress will flow just a little below your armpits, which adds definition to your bust, and at the same time is ideal for hiding a muffin top. The dress doesn’t cling to your body shape, but creates a tight silhouette for it. It’s very comfortable and lovely dress that skims over your belly. If you are shorter, opt for a flowy trapeze dress that doesn’t go below the knee. For taller women, you can try longer dresses, but still don’t go to extremes as the length of a trapeze dress is crucial for looking chic.

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