How to avoid the common lipstick mistakes – practical tips and hints

by Kremy

do not apply too much lipstick

Lipstick is one of the main elements of every woman’s makeup. It completes your appearance. You can emphasize either your eye makeup or accent on your lips. Lipstick will make passers-by pay attention to you, so it is simply necessary. But there are a number of lipstick mistakes that many women make. If you eliminate them, your lips will look gorgeous.

Common lipstick mistakes – Lack of lip care

lip care DIY scrub to remove dead skin cells


Lips need of care just as the skin of the face, especially in the cold season. Many people mistakenly believe that applying a balm is enough to keep the lips well-groomed. In fact, everything is a little more complicated. You need to scrub your lips to exfoliate dead skin. It is not necessary to buy a ready-made scrub because there are many recipes for homemade lip scrub which work in the same way. In addition, you need to massage the lips twice a week. Use lip balm to protect your lips from cold wind. Balms perfectly moisturize lips and make the skin softer. When the lips are not hydrated, they will turn dry and look cracked. Drinking sufficient water too is a great way to keep them moisturized. If your lips are well-groomed then lipstick will fit on them perfectly.

Common lipstick mistakes – applying lipstick immediately after balm

lip care makeup tips and tricks for applying lipstick

We mentioned that balm is essential as it protects your lips and keeps them moisturized. However, one of the most common lipstick mistakes is applying lipstick right after balm. The result is that balm and lipstick mix together. Experts recommend that applying lip balm should be the first step in your makeup routine and applying lipstick – the last one. In this way the balm will have enough time to soak into the lips by the time you finish your makeup. In case your lips feel a bit sticky, use a tissue to blot out the excess balm.

Common lipstick mistakes – the importance of lip liner

How to avoid the common lipstick mistakes

The market offers a huge variety of lipsticks and some of them can be used without a pencil, but still you should use it in your makeup. A lip liner does not allow lipstick to spread and it will last longer on it than on lips. Another common lipstick mistake is to line the lips outside the natural lip line. Applying lip liner wrongly can ruin your look and turn you into a Joker. Expert tip: Dot concealer to the outer edges of your lips. Use a concealer brush to blend it and then draw the lip line.

Not paying attention to the corners

how to apply lip liner perfectly lipstick mistakes to avoid

You have to pay due attention to the lip corners. When applying lip liner girls often do not finish the line and it is cut at the corner. That is one of the reasons for lip spreading in the area of the corners during the day. You need to open your lips and contour the corners, then apply lipstick. The best way to do that is with a small brush.

Wrong lipstick color

how to choose the right lipstick

Modern lipsticks come in a huge number of shades and it is easy to get lost when choosing the right shade. Wrong shade of lipstick can ruin the entire makeup and give you a comical look. How to choose the right shade? On the first place you need to select guided by your skin tone and the color of tooth enamel. Keep in mind that violet shades make teeth visually yellower. Terracotta shades may also have a yellowing effect. Many girls buy lipsticks guided by fashion trends. However, the fact that burgundy lipstick is fashionable does not mean that it is right for you. If a certain color looks good on a photo or on your girlfriend, you do not have to run into the store and take the same lipstick, since it can look completely different on your lips. Try it first. This is a relatively easy test. Apply the lipstick and if it looks good – buy it. If you have doubts, it is better not to buy that particular shade.

Common lipstick mistakes – using dry or old lipstick

do not use dry or old lipstick how to avoid common makeup mistakes

Realizing the type of your lip skin is important. If the surface of your lips is not very smooth, it is better to use liquid lipstick. Some lipsticks suck the moisture out of the lips, for example, matte varieties. Those who prefer that type need to make sure to moisturize the lips before application. Another useful tip is to choose lipsticks that contain moisturizing ingredients and natural butters, waxes, and oils vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, for example coconut butter, Shea, etc. Remember that cosmetic products have an expiry date just like any other product and make sure you check it regularly.

Lipstick on your teeth

lipstick on teeth how to avoid common makeup mistakes

Now, lipstick on the teeth is a common problem. Despite the fact that you applied makeup perfectly and choose a beautiful outfit, if you have lipstick on your teeth, the aesthetic pleasure from your appearance is lost. How to avoid that? Do not skip blotting! Just after applying lipstick, use a tissue and bite it.  The excess product on the inside of the lips will remain on the finger, not on the teeth. After blotting, check carefully for any stain marks on your teeth.

Not setting your lipstick

set your lipstick after applying

If you do not set your lipstick, then it will start fading. Do not set matte liquid lipstick by using a gloss. This is completely wrong and the result will be that your lips will only feather up. Many women simply press their lips together, but this method is not always appropriate. The best method is to use a little setting powder. It will absorb extra moisture and will make sure that lipstick will last longer. How to set your lipstick? After applying it, place a tissue over the lips. Dust it off with a little powder.

Using different products and applying multiple layers

common lipstick mistakes to avoid

Many girls are tempted to use different products and apply them one after another on their lips. Do not do that as you will either look in an inappropriate way or your lips will flake up. Make sure you apply only one layer of lipstick to avoid cakey look. You can swipe twice if you want a more dramatic effect.

Liquid lipstick and gloss mistakes

makeup mistakes to avoid too much gloss

Gloss mistakes vary from applying too much gloss to not applying it in right order. Yes, it is true that with a quick swipe of gloss you can make your lips look fuller. However, the tricky moment is not overdoing it. Layering gloss will result in an unsightly sticky mess and you will look like you dipped your lips into sugar syrup. Liquid lipsticks are often applied in a wrong way. With traditional lipstick, we apply it on the bottom lip and upper lip and then press them together. This is not the way to apply liquid lipsticks. You need to apply it only on the bottom lip and then press together. After that, fill the cupid’s bow with the lipstick to finish your makeup.

Not taking off lipstick properly

always remove lipstick to avoid stains

Last but not least, is to remove your makeup properly. Lipstick stains are very unpleasant. How to take off your lipstick? Use large soft cotton pad soaked in micellar water and wipe off your lipstick.



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