How to Cook Artichokes? All The Secrets Are Revealed for Preparing Them Perfectly!

by Kremy

How do you cook the artichokes so loved by the world’s greatest chefs? How to cook artichokes so that they are easier to digest? How do you know if it’s cooked properly? How to clean the vegetables before cooking? The answers to all these questions are brought to you today by the Deavita editorial team!

How to Cook Artichokes?

how to cook artichokes pressure cooker steam microwave

The artichoke is one of the most popular vegetables in the kitchen, which gives a pleasant bitter-sweet flavor to salads or main dishes. It leaves a slight aniseed note after the flesh has melted in the mouth of all connoisseurs of the perfect taste. Artichokes are often steamed or boiled. White and green artichokes require more cooking time than purple ones. They can be prepared by slicing them and putting them in a frying pan with butter.

how to cook artichokes


Can’t wait to find out how to tell if an artichoke is cooked properly? If you’re cooking artichokes in water, it’s best to boil them for 25 to 30 minutes. If they are white, allow around 40 minutes, and if they are purple, no more than 10 minutes. Cooking artichokes in a pressure cooker takes about 20 minutes. To do this, place the vegetable in the pressure cooker, in a casserole dish as well as a steel basket.

how to cook artichokes so that they are more digestible

How to Cook Artichokes to Make Them Easier to Digest?

The easiest way to prepare artichokes that will make the vegetable easier to digest is to steam them. It helps preserve the beneficial substances contained in the vegetable. You can add a few drops of lemon to boiling water to avoid intestinal discomfort.

Once the vegetables are well cooked, it is completely acceptable to drink the cooking water, because it contains cynarin, which is an anti-blocking molecule. It contributes to better digestion of the artichoke thanks to its choleretic properties. Adding lemon also helps prevent the artichokes from turning black.

how to know if an artichoke is cooked

How Do You Know if An Artichoke Is Cooked?

The quickest and most effective way to tell if an artichoke is cooked through is to remove one of its leaves. If it comes off easily, it’s cooked through, but if it falls off on its own, it’s a sign that you’ve overcooked the vegetable. The other method is to stick a knife into the bottom of the artichoke. Does the knife sink in without much resistance? Your delicious green vegetable is now ready to eat!

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Why Cook Artichokes Upside Down?

why cook artichokes upside down

When cooking the artichoke in boiling, salted water, it is best to do it upside down! The vegetable tends to rotate with the leaves, preventing water from stagnating in the center. First, wash and drain the artichokes. Break off the stems to remove some of the fibers. Once cooking has begun, you can now turn the artichokes over, drain the heads and set them aside to cool.

How to Clean Artichokes Before Cooking?

Be sure to wash the artichokes before cooking them, and you can soak them in lukewarm water for a few minutes, with a few drops of white vinegar added. This will remove any unwanted residue from the leaves, and it’s also a good idea to remove any damaged ones.

Can You Cook Artichokes in the Microwave?

can you cook artichokes in the microwave

The answer is yes, if you are in a hurry, you can use the microwave! Take the artichokes and place them in a suitable container with water. Cook for 2 minutes and check if it is ready by removing a leaf. If it is still hard, return the vegetable for another 2 minutes.

Artichokes can be eaten in a multitude of ways, but to start, eat the base of the leaves accompanied by a variety of sauces such as basil vinaigrette, shallot, or mustard. Remove the hairy choke to enjoy the magical taste of the artichoke hearts. Artichokes can be served in salads with a variety of beef or poultry meats. Remember that artichokes should be served freshly cooked and don’t leave them in the refrigerator more than 24 hours after cooking.

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