How to Make a Moss Pole: Easy Instructions for a Compact Climbing Aid for Monstera and Other Plants

by Kremy

Some potted plants benefit from a trellis. The only problem is that you usually don’t have a lot of room inside for entire frameworks, even if they are quite small. A wonderful alternative are the so-called moss poles. Do you know how to make a moss pole?

Moss poles are particularly popular as a climbing aid for the much sought-after Monstera and are very space-saving because they stand upright and are not wide like other frameworks. In addition, they are really easy to make with only a few materials.

Build a Space-Saving Trellis for Indoor Plants

diy moss pole for climbing houseplants

If you are one of those monstera owners who have been caring for their plant without a support, you are probably wondering if such a climbing aid is even necessary for the monstera.

So, does the Monstera need a climbing aid? Well, while it is still growing compactly, it may be unnecessary. But once it gets longer and taller, such a help becomes quite practical. And the aerial roots can adhere particularly well to a moss pole. What do you need if you want to make a moss pole?

How to Make a Moss Pole – It’s That Easy!

how to make a moss pole for monstera from pvc tube and sphagnum


You need the following materials:

  • PVC pipe or other type of pole for base (wooden pole, bamboo stick, metal stick etc.)
  • Sphagnum moss or reindeer moss
  • Wire, floral wire, wire mesh, plastic mesh, or fishing line (depending on whether you want all-natural trellis supports)
  • Bowl or baking tray with water
  • optional rubber gloves (in case the moss stings)
  • Scissors
  • Cable ties for the option with wire mesh

Gather all your materials before you make the moss pole. Then you can start with the instructions:

Dip the moss into the prepared bowl/baking tray to soften.

soak sphagnum moss and tie around a pole

Option 1 with wire mesh:

  • If you are using a wire mesh, first measure the length and width you need for your pole. You don’t need to cover the bottom part of the pole as you will be sticking it into the soil.
  • Cut the mesh and spread it out in front of you.
  • Spread the moss on the mesh.
  • Place the selected rod in the center and wrap the grid around it. Fix everything with cable ties.

how to make a moss pole easy instructions

Option 2 with regular wire or fishing line:

  • Work your way down from one end of the pole.
  • Tie the line or wire at the top end.
  • Now place moss around one part of the pole and wrap wire or line around it right away.
  • Then move on to the next part, making sure all the individual parts overlap so the pole doesn’t show.
  • Once you get to the bottom, you’re done. Here, too, you can leave the lower area of the moss pole uncovered.

climbing plants in pot space saving trellis with moss

Option 3 with plastic net:

  • Make a roll of any thickness from the net.
  • Tie the ends together with wire, cable ties, or twine.
  • Stuff moss into the tube you have obtained.

How to Attach the Monstera to the Moss Pole?

how to make a moss pole for indoor climbing plants

If you were going to repot the plants anyway, now is the time. This way, the moss stick is more convenient to use. Place it in the empty pot and fill it halfway with potting soil. Now add the plant and more potting soil. Press everything firmly.

If you are not planning to repot, simply loosen the soil around the monstera plant a little so that you can insert the moss pole. It is very important that you do this carefully, because the risk of damaging roots is very high. So dig gradually and don’t stick the pole into the soil too forcefully.

And how do you let the plant climb now?

Carefully tie the long shoots (aerial roots) to the moss pole. For this purpose, use soft string and don’t pull it too tight when you attach the monstera, so you do not hurt it. Depending on how long the shoots are, tie them several times. Over time, as these get longer, keep re-tying them to help her climb. At this point you can also remove diseased or yellow leaves and you should continue to do so in the future.

It is also important that you prune the plant regularly so that it does not grow too wide, but upwards to remain more compact. This is how you train your Monstera, so to speak.

Make a Moss Pole – A Cool Tip with Colors

attach colorful accents to the support for climbing plants colored moss

If you would like a few color accents, you can finally attach a few pieces of colored moss to the pole. You can buy these ready-made, but you can also dye them yourself with fabric or food coloring.

An Alternative with Pool Noodle

alternative to moss poles stick aerial roots into a pool noodle

You can make a fun alternative to the moss pole that doesn’t require any moss, but only a pole and a pool noodle. Put the pool noodle over any pole after you have put it in the flower pot. Then, as you tie the shoots to the pool noodle, use a knife to make slits in the foam where an aerial root is located. This will allow the aerial roots to make their way into the support.




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