How to make a wreath with sunflowers – 5 easy DIY ideas and tutorials

by Kremy

DIY grapevine and sunflowers wreath with burlap bow

How to make a wreath with sunflowers? We have prepared some tutorials for you as these wreaths are a great decoration for your door not only during the summer season, but for every season of the year. You can easily craft a fantastic front door decoration to welcome the visitors and family members and in addition, it can be a conversational topic later.

Wreaths with sunflowers are easy to make and the best thing about them is that supplies are available at almost any craft store. Sunflower picks are affordable and all you need is imagination, creativity and a couple of hours in the evening or during the weekend.

You can choose simple models or, if you are an experienced DIY-er, a more complex design with burlap, deco mesh, tulle, ribbons, etc. but one thing is certain – you will have a unique decoration for your home.

How to make a wreath with sunflowers for Thanksgiving?

How to make a wreath with sunflowers DIY decorating ideas fall decor


What you need:

  • One wreath form (straw or Styrofoam one)
  • Fall sunflower picks
  • One roll of fall yarn ribbon
  • Pins or picks
  • Hot glue

How to make a wreath with sunflowers DIY decorating ideas


  • Attach the end of the ribbon to the base with pins or picks.
  • Wrap the entire form.
  • When the base is covered, cut at the end and attach with pins.
  • Use the hot glue to fix the sunflower picks to one side of the wreath.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and pin to the back of the form for hanging.
  • Your wreath is ready for hanging.

Quick and easy DIY fall wreath with sunflowers


What you need:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Sunflower ribbon
  • Sunflower picks
  • Fall berries
  • A lightweight letter of your choice
  • Hot glue gun/Glue



  • Place the sunflowers on the wreath. Cut off the stems and hot glue them to the grapevine.
  • Add the berries by the sunflowers, cut off their stems and hot glue them.
  • Hot glue the letter.
  • Make a bow from the ribbon and glue it.
  • Your sunflower wreath is ready!

DIY Sunflower burlap wreath


DIY Sunflower burlap wreath rustic decor ideas

What you need:

  • 10” wire wreath form
  • Yellow pipe cleaners
  • 2 yards of yellow burlap
  • ½ yard of green burlap
  • ¼ yard of brown burlap
  • Needle and brown thread

DIY Sunflower burlap wreath tutorial step by step


  • Cut the yellow and green burlap into squares of 11″. You will need about 20 squares but you can use more, if you like.
  • Cut three green squares for leaves.
  • Take a burlap square and bring two corners together. Fold the edges one more time until they meet in the middle.
  • Pinch the green burlap in the middle and fold it.
  • Tie the three burlap leaves onto the form on the two outer wires.
  • Repeat the same folding for each yellow burlap square and tie it onto the two wires in the middle of the form. Use 3-4 pieces and place them between the green burlap leaves. Keep on until you tie all the yellow burlap pieces and the frame is covered.
  • Tie one more row of yellow petals on the inside two rows of the wire frame. Make sure you place the petals between the middle row’s petals which will give the sunflower an authentic look.
  • Twist the pipe cleaners which are pointing into the center together to form a spider web base.
  • Place the brown burlap into a circular shape over the spider web base in the middle of the wreath. Optionally, you can use a styrofoam ball or a plastic form and hot glue it.
  • With a needle and brown thread sew the brown burlap so that it is fixed to the wire frame and the pipe cleaners. Make sure the front side is neat.
  • Your sunflower wreath is ready!

DIY burlap sunflower wreath for 20 minutes

DIY easy burlap sunflower wreath thanksgiving autumn front door

What you need:

  • Three artificial sunflower stems
  • 18” wire (Styrofoam) wreath form
  • Artificial greenery
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Chevron burlap ribbon
  • Hot glue gun


thanksgiving autumn front door decorations sunflower burlap wreath


  • Wrap the burlap ribbon around the green wire form. Make sure you wrap it tight all around for a finished look.
  • Continue wrapping until the entire form is covered.
  • With the help of a hot glue gun fix the burlap ribbon to create a loop at the bottom.
  • Cut the ends of the greenery and apply a bit of hot glue to the base. Insert the greenery into the finishing loop and press firmly until secure. Repeat until you fix all the other greenery spray.
  • Cut a 30″ strip of the blue chevron ribbon, apply a bit of hot glue to the center of the burlap loop and tie.
  • Cut the sunflower stems and glue the flowers flat to the wreath.
  • Tie the chevron ribbon in a bow and your wreath is ready!

Last minute DIY burlap sunflower wreath

Last minute DIY burlap sunflower wreath ideas


What you need:

  • 8 burlap flowers
  • 12” grapevine wreath form
  • 1 burlap poinsettia
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Last minute DIY burlap sunflower wreath ideas tutorial


  • Use a pair of scissors or wire cutters and remove the stems from all of the burlap sunflowers.
  • Arrange them onto the grapevine form until you get the look that pleases you.
  • Use hot glue gun to secure the flowers into place.
  • With a pair of scissors cut and trim the leaves of the poinsettia to use them for the sunflower wreath.
  • Arrange the leaves on the inside and outside under the burlap sunflowers and secure them with hot glue.
  • Your last minute DIY burlap sunflower wreath is now ready to be hung.




Thanksgiving and fall decorations DIY wreath with sunflowers and pumpkins

How to make a wreath with sunflowers DIY ideas and tutorials

How to make a wreath with sunflowers 5 DIY ideas and tutorials

front door decorating ideas burlap wreath with sunflowers and feathers

fall decorating ideas sunflower burlap wreath ideas

easy wreath with sunflowers leaves and burlap

easy sunflower wreath outdoor decorating ideas

DIY burlap sunflower wreath ideas craft projects

beautiful wreath with sunflowers and greenery for front door


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