How to make bubble braids: Instructions that all women should know

by Kremy

The fact that a pretty and elegant hairstyle is just as important as a great outfit is something that all fashion girls already know. Playful and feminine braided hairstyles are a timeless classic and will never go out of style. They are not only super chic, but they have proven incredibly practical over the summer and keep our hair away from our faces! While there is no doubt that braids highlight our femininity and are just amazing, they are not for everyone. Braided hairstyles like the pull through braids are the best possible solution for everyone who wants an uncomplicated yet glamorous look. Bubble braids are another very easy hairstyle that is currently making the hearts of all fashionistas beat faster! Would you like a little change? Then follow our step-by-step instructions and be inspired by the many ideas!

quick summer hairstyles for long hair braided hairstyles trends

When things have to be done quickly, a ponytail is the classic. Now the hairstyle is nothing special and unfortunately even a bit unspectacular. Braids, on the other hand, are much too complex and only very few succeed even with a lot of practice. So how can you combine a practical hairstyle such as ponytail with braided hairstyles? Bubble braids are one of those hairstyles that look like real works of art, but in reality require pretty little effort and can be created in less than 10 minutes. Actually, they are not a new trend and were an absolute hit back in the 90s. But just like Scrunchie hairstyles and other trends from the past, they are celebrating a big comeback this year and are more beautiful than ever!

Bubble Braids hairstyle instructions – that’s how easy it is to achieve the trendy look

simple braided hairstyles for summer long hair bubble braids instructions


If intricate braids are not for you and you need some quick hairstyle ideas, then bubble braids are your salvation. A couple of small elastic bands, a comb and 5 minutes of your time – that’s all you need for the Insta-dignified trend hairstyle! To get the look, you have two options to choose from, the first being a real breeze.

  • First, comb your hair and tie it in a high ponytail. A high ponytail will give you a sporty look while a mid ponytail will look more casual. If you want a sleek and elegant look, opt for low ponytail
  • Then tie the ponytail with several hair ties at the same distance.
  • Now gently pull the sections of hair with your fingers to create a bubble shape.
  • Tease each “bubble” once more to make sure you have the shape you want
  • Fix the hairstyle with hairspray and your simple bubble braids are ready.

A trendy hairstyle for a simple yet chic look

how to make bubble braids instructions long hair ideas

The second way is a little more complex. The bubble braids make our mane look more voluminous and full and are therefore particularly suitable for women with thin hair.

  • Comb the hair.
  • Pull some of your hair up into a ponytail and tie it with an elastic.
  • Repeat, taking next section of hair and secure both ponytails together with an elastic band.
  • Repeat until you reach the ends of your hair or are happy with the look.
  • Now pull the individual “bubbles” apart with your fingers.
  • Fix with hairspray and voilà!

French braids reinterpreted

simple braids for long hair ideas

Bubble braids can be styled very differently and provide a lot of opportunities to creativity. Do you think the classic French braids are wonderful, but don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror for 30 minutes in the morning? Then this look is for you! We believe that step-by-step instructions would be completely unnecessary here. Simply comb your hair well, pull two braids on the side and tie them together with several hair ties. Pluck out sections of hair with your fingers and you’re done!




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